I’m worried about my dog, Grace, this morning. She’s been acting a little off since yesterday afternoon. She peed and then “peed” like 4 more times but came up empty. She ate fine yesterday and was drinking as far as I know. She was fine all night, and went to the bathroom no problem before bed. This morning she went fine and then when I fed her she didn’t want to eat. She NEVER turns her nose up at food. She eats anything and everything. I’ve recently switched her to soft canned food as she’s been loosing teeth (her teeth were bad when we got her and nothing helps). I checked the food and it’s not part of the recalled food from March. Her nose is cold and wet so I don’t know what’s up with her.

I plan to keep an eye on her today. Maybe she’s just having an off day and I’m overreacting about the peeing thing. I know the other day I kept feeling like I had to pee even when I went and I’ve had days where I’m not hungry. I just hope that nothing is seriously wrong. I don’t think we can afford to have anymore medical bills for her. She’s already cost us 3 grand with her broken leg in November.


8 thoughts on “Worried

  1. I think your good thoughts have helped, Corey. Grace seems to be in better spirits this afternoon and even ate a little.

  2. Sara, it sounds like she had (and possibly still has) a mild bladder infection. They can get them just like we do. If you notice it happening again (the peeing action with no pee coming out), take her to the vet to get a urine sample, and most likely some antibiotics.

    Poor girl – I hope she’s feels lots better very soon!

  3. Thanks everyone. Megan, I think it may have been a mild bladder or uti. She seems to be much better today, very happy and is eating and peeing like normal. I’m still going to keep an eye on her for a while longer and if she starts acting weird again we are definintely going to visit the vet.

    Thanks again for all your good thoughts. I’m lucky to have friends out there who care for my pets too!

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