It’s Been A Long Few Days…

This is just an update on how things have been going in my life recently.

Saturday morning we got up early and went down to Pennsylvania to see Darling Hubby’s SIL and her 2 kids. They came back from New Mexico for a few days to load their horse trailer full of stuff to take with them, things that they couldn’t take the first trip out. We mainly went to visit but helped load stuff (which was a complete and utter disaster.) It took forever. Bug didn’t nap until late when he fell asleep on the futon that was left in the living room while all the cousins were watching The Wild. He slept for a while, but woke up cranky and only wanted Daddy who was filthy from moving stuff and trying to help them load kennel panels onto the top of the trailer to tie on since they wouldn’t fit inside. We didn’t leave until 7pm (3 hours later than I had wanted to leave) and it was a 3 hour drive. Plus we had our dog Max with us so we had to stop for a pee break for him and once cause Bug got car sick after eating dinner of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. We think that was because he was watching a dvd and it was on really windy curvy roads. He was fine after that. We got home around 10 and I dunked him in the bath to get the insect repellent (there were tons of those big black flies everywhere, it was gross) and vomit off him before bed. Darling Hubby and I needed to take showers, too and I had to douse myself in aloe as I got a terrible sunburn and I wasn’t even in the sun that much. Bug was asleep by 10:30, but was awake at 7 Sunday morning. He did play in his room quietly for a while before the rest of us got up.

One really funny thing while we were down there, our dog Max was out running in the woods with the older kids and he came back and tried to cut across the pond. He got part way out and panicked and got stuck just off shore and wouldn’t come back.

We tried calling him and snagging his collar with a cane. I had to snag his legs with the cane to get him to come out.

“Now how are you planning on getting me out of here?”

He hates being in water for some reason and then when Darling Hubby was trying to get him out, he thought he was in trouble and refused to budge. Needless to say, Max got a bath Sunday morning. He was a yucky dog! lol

We got to go through some of the stuff that they were not taking with them (putting in an auction) and we got a couple small chairs and a little tykes desk and a booster seat for the car for when Bug’s bigger. It just needed to be disinfected as it had been stored in the horse barn. Plus Darling Hubby’s sister gave me 2 big boxes of clothes that her son has out grown. I washed them once, but they need to be washed again as they stink to high heaven of cigarette smoke. Yuck!

Sunday was a bit better. Bug seemed to be better, although he did have a couple very messy diapers. I got out of the house to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Despite the negative things people have said about it, I enjoyed it.

Today started off bad and I’m hoping it gets better. Bug didn’t wake me up until around 8 and he was a poopy mess. I had to change the sheets on his bed as well as his clothes. Then, I brought him into bed with me so he could watch Curious George and he threw up all over himself. Needless to say, I called Baby Girl’s parents and requested that I not watch her today. I’m also getting tomorrow off just to make sure he’s feeling better. We aren’t sure what he’s got, but it sounds like what Baby Girl had last week, except with the throwing up. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that Bug gets better soon and that I don’t get sick this week. Tomorrow I’m going to see Celtic Woman at the arena and I don’t really want to miss it.


One thought on “It’s Been A Long Few Days…

  1. oh dear….I hope logan feels better soon and you don’t get it!

    oh and funny pics of your dog. LOL that cracked me up!

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