The Joys of Climbers!

So my mommy friend Megan (SortaCrunchy) passed along this little Father’s Day Giveaway tidbit to parents of boys. It’s being held by Jules at Everyday Mommy. I’m not one to usually enter blog contests, but since I didn’t buy this book for Darling Hubby and I thought about it, I figured why not. Here goes!

When I first found out that we were expecting a boy I was elated and a tad bit scared. I didn’t know what to do with a boy. I’d never played with many boy toys (aside from my brothers old Matchbox cars and farm set). I was scared that I wouldn’t have much of a “boys” imagination. Little did I know that I wouldn’t have to worry about that for a while. Bug was content playing with anything from balls to blocks to empty tissue boxes (which he himself emptied).

But the thing that Bug was most content to occupy his time with was climbing. I had a climber on my hands! My very own little monkey! If he weren’t already named after Wolverine of the X-Men variety, he should have been named Matt (Matt Murdock aka Daredevil) or Curious George (who is his very favorite book/movie character)

From the time he could walk (around 11 months) he could climb. Nothing was safe, no matter how high.

Darling Hubby and I are gamers and geeks (role playing, board gaming, comic books) so there are dice bags filled with colorful little gems just waiting for little gamers in training. And, of course, Bug always (and still does) want them for his own. His one big “daredevil” moment that always pops into my head when asked how adventurous he is, is the time he scaled the storage boxes in the corner of our playroom/office just so he could get those dice. (see the pictures to prove it.)

He’s now a tough little 2 year old and he’s still dice obsessed and still loves to climb. And, to top it all off, he’s smart. He knows what chair he has to move where to get a height advantage so he can get those other out of reach little delights he wants to get his paws on.

Oh, and here is one of my favorite climbing pictures. Don’t worry, the background has been photoshopped, but he really was climbing up a short (3 foot) cliff face with daddy right behind him giving him a boost.

Despite how nervous he makes me with all his climbing, he can melt my heart with one smile, one laugh, one kiss, one hug, one “wuv wu,” and when he calls me “Baa Eee” (He hasn’t quite gotten Mommy out yet). I wouldn’t trade my daredevil boy for the world!


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Climbers!

  1. Awwwwwwww, I got all teary at the end of that. So sweet, that little monkey. I love that photoshopped pic – too cool!

    D has never been a climber, so I can only imagine the heart-stopping moments you have had.

    I am so GLAD you entered this giveaway!

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