1 Baa, 2 Baa, 3 Baa

I hate it when I can’t sleep. Here I sit, 2:50 am, in front of my computer, squinting at the screen because my glasses are sitting on my nightstand upstairs. All because I JUST CAN”T SLEEP. Thankfully, I can type without looking at my fingers. I hate it when I just can’t fall asleep. I can get comfortable, I can lay there with my eyes closed for what feels like eternity, but I just can’t seem to turn off my mind…and, I’m not even thinking of anything of importance. What is really annoying is that I’ve got that “I’m as lonely as I wanted to be” song stuck in my head from Curious George that Bug watched with Rachael last night. Oh, and the other reason I came downstairs was that I forgot to sign Darling Hubby’s father’s day card from me and the one from Bug (he’ll have to “sign” that after he gets up. Well, I’d better try to get to sleep. Only 4 more hours until I have to get up and drive 2 hours to visit with Darling Hubby’s family and then my mom and dad. Somehow, I’m not looking forward to the trip (the drive, not the seeing the family part.) I made a 15 hour car trip with Darling Hubby and an 18 month old Bug last June, but a 2 hour car trip just kills me. Off to toss and turn some more….maybe I’ll count sheep.


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