Seeing Spots

So, unfortunately, I’m still seeing that weird spot in my left eye. I don’t know what it is. Darling Hubby seems to think it really is an ocular migraine like the eye dr said, but I want to know why it started all of a sudden and why it’s not going away. There are so many causes that at this point any one of them could be feasible.

I felt like complete crap this morning and even called out sick for babysitting. I didn’t have the energy to watch Bug , much less a 2nd one that wasn’t mine. Poor Bug watched so much tv today. Darling Hubby ended up coming home early to give me a break and let me catch a few more winks (which was a futile attempt at best).

And to top it off, since I’m such a bad person, I don’t have a regular physician. I know…insert I told you so’s here! Up to this point in life I’ve been really healthy and didn’t really see the need I guess. Now I am in the process of finding one and I don’t think I will get in with anyone until Thursday (the one I called this afternoon was closing up because they didn’t have power (bad storms last night) and she said she though they could get me in Thursday)…So, basically now, this is just a wait and see. I hope that I’m feeling better by tomorrow so I can at least babysit and care for Bug . Fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious and all will be better in a few days.


3 thoughts on “Seeing Spots

  1. Awww, Sara! I’m so sorry you’re feeling yucky. I hope you can get in with a doctor soon and get some good answers!

  2. That sure does sound scary. Unsettling, at the least. I also hope you get this mystery solved soon.

    I also don’t have a regular physician. The only doc I have needed in the past – oh, I don’t know – 15 years? is an OB. But I just know a situation like this will come along and I will be forced to find one.

  3. oh darn. I had hoped you would be feeling better today Sara!
    I’ll send more healing thoughts your way!

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