Seeing Spots Update

Thanks for all your concern my friends. It makes my heart happy to know you all care. Anyway, I’m feeling better today. I’m no longer dizzy and just out of sorts like I was yesterday. I’ve been trying to drink more water today and eat, too. The spots in my eye are still there. I still only see them when I stand up or if I move my eyes really fast in one direction. I noticed last night that my left gland in my throat hurts a bit and my left ear was bothering me. Darling Hubby suggested that it may be a mild sinus infection or an ear infection that’s putting pressure on my eye.

At any rate, I called a doctors office this morning and they’ve got me scheduled for a 2:45 appt on Friday. I was hoping for tomorrow, but they were booked solid and normally it takes a couple weeks to get new patients in and the lady on the line was very understanding so I took what I could get. Thankfully, the parents of the little girl I babysit for are very understanding and they are planning to pick her up early so I can go. Keep sending all the get better vibes. I think they are helping a bit as I am feeling better…just still really tired. I think when I get the kids down for their naps I may curl up on the couch to see if I can catch a few more zzzzz’s.


2 thoughts on “Seeing Spots Update

  1. I missed a lot of this, being out of town. I hope it’s just a sinus infection! They can do crazy things. I once thought I needed a root canal when it was just a sinus infection…

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