Slipping Slowly Into Madness

Today is just not my day. I feel like I should be laying in bed, staring at the ceiling and slipping slowly into madness. Oh, wait…I’ve already arrived in madness…I just need to be in bed staring at the ceiling…

Bug has been an awful, terrible, no good little brat most of the morning. I highly dislike saying that about my son, but lately he doesn’t listen, he blatantly disobeys, and the tantrums are unbelievable. Yes, I know he’s only 2.5, but come on. Cut Mommy a break for Pete’s sake!

Part of my madness stems from the fact that a long time ago, I promised my friend Shannon that I would be a bridesmaid in her wedding this October. Well, she’s been super busy (and waited to the last possible minute to decide on the bridesmaid dresses) so she emailed me instead of calling me with the information about about ordering my dress. Well, either there was an aol issue or a yahoo issue and I never got the first email she sent. Then, Sunday the 15th I get an email that was dated the 11th saying that I had until Tuesday (today) to get my measurements and to call the dress shop in Poughkeepsie so my dress would be ready come October. Luckily, I have a friend who knows the proper way to take measurements so I had her do it last night. So while I was on the phone with the dress shop (a whole 5 mins max) Bug got a hold of Darling Hubby’s hover craft, tore the rubber bottom off it, put a hole in it, and broke the styrofoam that was inside. In 5 mins!!! I could have strangled him! And when I put him in time out (he’s been warned about messing with daddy’s things), the tantrum just continued for nearly half an hour! He’s at the “no” stage and tells me no when ever I tell him or ask him to do anything. I could just scream! I had to call Darling Hubby at work just to vent to someone or I thought I was going to explode!

And then to make things worse (I should say nicer), the city is installing new curbs and new sidewalks right in front of our house. This started last week. We haven’t been able to pull into the driveway since the 7th and parking is horrible. We have to cross over precariously placed boards to get into our house. I’m just tired of that. Today they started pouring concrete for the sidewalks. (Yeah! I think they are getting close to being done…) For over an hour I heard the whirring of the cement mixer and it’s back up beeper. Really, does it need to just sit there in reverse? Come on! To make things worse, Baby Girl hates the sound just as much as I do and has decided that the world revolves around her for her nap and she cried for much of the time. The truck finally left and she went to sleep. I’m praying that when (and if – it’s state workers) they come back, she’ll sleep through all the noise. Oh wait…they just came back…fingers crossed everyone! Thankfully, Bug went to sleep pretty well, despite all the noise.

I just hope that Bug is a good boy when he wakes up and when Daddy gets home. I really hate it when he acts this way. It makes me feel like I’ve failed him in some way as a Mommy…


3 thoughts on “Slipping Slowly Into Madness

  1. Awww, Sara! *hugs*

    You’re not failing at anything, silly! We just all feel like we’re going crazy sometimes because we’re living with two-year-olds! LOL They are strange little creatures, that’s for sure.

    Oh, and yeah, #1 on my list of annoyances is loud outside noises during naptime…GRRR!!! I hope Heather slept through it this afternoon, and that Logan is in a much better mood when he gets up!

  2. Many hugs, Sara. There are plenty of days lately when I just want to run away from home. Two year olds. ARGH! This too shall pass, right?

    Maybe you can take a nice, relaxing bath and do some nice, non-mommy reading later tonight? Sip on a glass of wine or a beer? Do something nice to pamper Mama tonight – you deserve it!!

  3. Oh dear…it sure sounds like you need a break. A big one. ugh… I am so sorry that so many things are trying your patience lately. 😦
    I wish I was there to help! Hupgs!

    how are your eyes?

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