Five Questions Meme

5 Questions Meme
This version of the meme goes:
1. Tell me a random fact about you, and
2. I will ask you five questions, and
3. You propagate the meme when you post your answers

Here are the 5 questions that my friend Shannon asked me.

1. Will you name another child after a comic book character?
I honestly want to. I’ve pretty much decided (and Darling Hubby seems to be onboard, too) that if we have another boy he will be named Alexander. It’s a family name so we could say it was to honor our heritage, but we could call him Lex (as in Lex Luthor, who’s full name is Alexander). I think Lex and Bug would be cute. I haven’t come across any girl names from comic books that really pop out at me or that will work with our last name. We could always go with Jean (Jean Grey) and we’ll have a good start on an X-Men clan. lol

2. What’s your favorite character to roleplay?
I really have only ever played female rangers or scouts, preferably with a good bow skill. I’m a mean archer in our current game. I guess my characters have a tendency to reflect me because personally, I’d rather be out of the battle (the one firing from the sidelines) than right middle of the battle. I’m kind of a chicken. lol

3. Will you come out to the Berkshires to see us and meet Angela? 😀
I’d love to. I just have to find the time (and since I don’t drive, (that’s a whole other story) Darling Hubby or someone has to come with me). We should plan a weekend or something. I’m sure Bug would love to have others to play with and I’d love to see you and Cassie again and meet Angela, Nate and Emma.

4. What’s your favorite book to reread?
Since there are so many books out there left for me to read, I haven’t really read many books over again. I have read the 6 Harry Potter books again (mainly just to refresh my memory for the 7th book) and I’d like to read the Clan of the Cave Bear series again.

5. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
I didn’t really have one particular TV series cartoon that I watched religiously. We didn’t get many channels so I didn’t have much of a variety. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Smurfs and Duck Tales. I mainly watched Disney movies on tape. I’d have to say that Beauty and the Beast is probably my favorite. It was actually the first movie I ever saw in a theater.


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