Just When Things Were Looking Up

Ok, just when I thought things were starting to look a wee bit better today, the crap hit the fan. Around 2pm I get a call from Darling Hubby asking if he was still paying for his dental insurance on his pay stub. Apparently, he was eating pretzels at work and cracked a tooth that had a filling in it already. It wasn’t super painful, but something that should be taken care of ASAP. So, I checked on the insurance website to find a dentist and he found one that he can get in with. Then, he decided to come home early. He walked in the house and said “If it wasn’t him, it would be funny…” Apparently, a car in front of him on the way home kicked up a stone and cracked the windshield…Great! Just what we need! At least we have full glass on the insurance which will cover it. At least Darling Hubby has a dentist appointment tomorrow at 1:15 (they called and moved it up so he could get in quicker so it didn’t become painful or anything. Fingers crossed that nothing else major goes wrong…At least the month is almost over. September can’t come fast enough.


One thought on “Just When Things Were Looking Up

  1. Oh my gosh! Lots of hugs Sara…what a time of it you guys have had lately! *hugs* I hope the dentist visit and windshield replacement go well and without further incident!

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