More Assessment BS!

So July 1st was the deadline for when we’d hear something back about our assessment and if things were changed…well, that came and went and we still didn’t receive anything in the mail. I just figured that since they had to go back over ours a second time we might have to wait a little longer. The weeks came and went and here I sit, July 30th and still don’t have anything in my hands. So, I get on the phone and call the Assessors Office to find out what’s going on. I spoke with a very nice man (damn that I didn’t get his name!) who nicely told me they didn’t have any paperwork for my address….Um…What? Did you really just say you didn’t have my paperwork? Then why did Mike call me to set up a time to check the number of bathrooms if there was no paperwork. Did he just decide that he needed to check my house out? No, I don’t think so. I also am looking at the Certified Mail Receipt from the post office which was accepted and signed for on April 16th at 11:01 am. I really think there’s some paperwork somewhere, don’t ya think?

So anyway, I’m no more ahead than I was before. The guy on the phone said he would look at Mike’s paperwork (Mike’s on vacation…of course!) and see what he changed and look into it more and get back to me next week…I really hope it doesn’t take that long, but it’s a start, I guess. He did tell me that they will reconvene the Board of Review one more time before everything is finally finalized to fix any mistakes they made. Makes me wonder how many mistakes they make if they usually reconvene again anyway…

Seriously, I don’t know that we can afford the mortgage payment if the assessment isn’t lowered. Still keeping my fingers crossed that something good will come of this.


3 thoughts on “More Assessment BS!

  1. I hate that kind of thing. And you have your hands tied waiting on them, but they could care less. I hope you hear something favorable, soon!

  2. It really does seem like they could care less. On a good note, I talked with my neighbor today and he did some investigating and it seems that pretty much everyone on our block who fought the increase (with the exception of us) had their assessment lowered…there’s still hope!

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