Does Someone Out There Hate Us?

So Darling Hubby got home from the dentist in a none to happy mood. He needs a lot of work aside from repairing the broken tooth, which we knew going in. Our insurance will only cover $2000 worth of work a year and if we have everything done the office said will need to be done, we’ll still owe them nearly $3000. Sigh We can’t afford that right now. I told him to only focus on getting the broken tooth repaired right now and we’ll take it from there when we get the money. It looks like he’ll need a root canal and a crown put in. I don’t much know what it entails, but it sounds like it’s gonna suck, hardcore! Oh, and they want to repair or replace wisdom teeth instead of pulling them…wtf? Why charge us $615 dollars per tooth to replace when you can yank the darn things for cheaper…No wonder people don’t go to the dr or dentist when they should. Who can afford the darn prices they charge…and why does insurance only cover like 10% of commonly performed procedures? Can someone explain insurances to me…

Anyway, I’m talking with my friends who seem to know how to get some typing jobs for decent pay that will pull in some extra cash under the table (shhh!) and that I can do during naptime. Lets hope that pans out. Keep those fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “Does Someone Out There Hate Us?

  1. I’m sorry! Check into getting a supplemental dental plan. ( Our regular dental coverage sucks, but by using a supplemental too we save a lot of money. But, you may need to find another dentist. Which isn’t always a bad thing. We had one dentist that checked Carissa’s teeth and said she needed 8 fillings. Another one said only 3. Hopefully, it’s not as bad as it seems.

  2. Oh my gosh! Sara, I’m so sorry everything is so frustrating for you guys right now. You deserve some good news and happy breaks in the near future!

  3. WOw Sara…you really are having a time aren’t you? ughers…..
    Sounds like Lori has some great advice. 🙂


  4. Thanks guys. Things seem to be looking up a little (if Scott did his math correctly this morning.) He’s going in for a full mouth debridement this afternoon and if we just focus on the broken tooth and forgo everything else right now, we should only have to pay about $200 out of pocket. Lori did have a good idea, but I checked the website and there are no dentists in the area that accept any of those insurances… Keep those fingers crossed that the insurance picks up most of it.

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