The Campaign Ends…

Many of you may know and many may not. I’m a gamer. Yup, I play a Dungeons and Dragons type campaign called Rothnoran. The world of Rothnoran was created by a friend, Sean and is based on DnD. It’s a world filled with magic weilding Vizards, croca-toads, and jerky loving Diregons. I started playing a character, Dalara, shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Bug in 2004. It was supposed to be a one shot deal. I was only playing because I was at the game session where Darling Hubby was playing. Dalara was supposed to later become an NPC (Non Player Character for those non-gamers) or possibly be eaten by The Beast that she was spared from (she was the soul survivor of the Greenbrass Massacre which The Beast caused…Poor, poor Doru! *tear*. (game joke…)) I played that night and had fun. That was the last time I played for a while. Dalara slipped into the realm of NPC-dom and I figured she’s be never seen again. Shortly after Bug was born Sean decided that since he had such a large interest in the game (12+ people is a lot to deal with at one gaming table) he would break the campaign into 2 groups, Red and Blue. Sean wanted me to play so it was decided that the Red session would be held at my house so that Bug could still be cared for and we wouldn’t have to have a sitter. I was cool with that. Bug “gamed” with us right from the start. Here he is at 2 months old with Mommy at the game table and 6 months with Dave who played Erem until his son Aiden was born in July 2006. I think because of our gaming Bug has a dice obsession (just like Mommy). He’s an awesome dice roller and mostly rolls “six” according to him…lol

Oh, and I am the only girl currently in our whole group. In away it’s been fun being the only girl player (one of the guys plays a girl character) and it’s also been hard. I’ve been the brunt of many sexually oriented jokes both about me and Dalara. I take it all in stride and even give as good as I get some nights. I will never, however, forget the “horse show with my black stallion.” Don’t ask…really…

Two years later, the campaign is coming to an end. Tonight is our last session. It’s a combined group session, the blue group and the red are merging together for the finale. I’m looking forward to it as I want to know how the whole thing is going to end, I’m sad because I’ve spent so much over the last 2 years playing and I really enjoy it but at the same time, I’m dreading having 12 people in my house all night.

I’m not sure what we are going to play after this campaign ends. Will the world of Rothnoran survive? Will we save the kingdom? Who knows if Dalara will even remain alive at the end. I’ll be sad if she or any of the other player characters bite the dust, but they are only fictional characters. However, having “been” her for the past 2 years, I’ve kinda become fond of her. She’s part of me so to speak. Is that totally silly to say? Yeah, it is, but it’s true. However, I won’t have to take an entire year off from gaming if she dies…I’m not that die-hard of a player (another inside game joke.)

I’ve also been the red group note taker. Since Sean’s game is so detailed, we needed a way to keep track of what happened when and since I love to write, I was automatically designated as note taker. My notes are so in depth I’ve practically written a book. And that’s kinda what I want to do. I’d love to turn the game notes into a book, depending on how well it ends tonight, which with Sean running the show, the ending will be awesome. I have most of the notes typed so it would just be a matter of expanding on them and getting corrections for Sean. We’ll see where that leads. Maybe one day I’ll have my name published. That would be fun.

Fingers crossed that I’m on a roll tonight and roll lots of natural 20’s!

Let the battle commence!


2 thoughts on “The Campaign Ends…

  1. I enjoyed reading that….but seriously have NO IDEA what you said. LOL seriously….I don’t have even the basic understanding of what you do for that game. lost lost lost….but….I hope tonight goes well. I’ll be thinking of you!

  2. You know what’s crazy? I understood every single word of what you said. I’m a total D&D geek, and I would so love to join your campaign if we lived in the same town.

    Hope you had an awesome adventure, and that Darla’s armor class was lower than her enemies!

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