I "Heart" Your Heart

So we’ve been really busy lately. It seems like Darling Hubby and I have aways been doing something. Then something happens to make me slow down and think. My mom called me yesterday day afternoon to tell me that my dad had just been released from Wilson Hospital in Binghamton after having what they are calling a coronary episode. I guess it wasn’t a true heart attack, but he was having chest pain caused by a clogged artery. It started Sunday when after having pain most of the afternoon, she rushed him to the ER in our small town shortly after midnight. They kept him there, monitoring him and ended up transferring him to Wilson Hospital in Binghamton sometime on Monday. There they did the surgery with the balloon where they inflate the artery to clear it (I’m not all up on my medical terminology so I don’t know what this is called.) There was some complication with that as his BP bottomed out, but they got him stabilized. He’s home now resting and is taking his medications as prescribed. I’m sure my mom is watching him like a mother hen and that he’s not allowed to do much of anything aside from sit in bed or in the living room.

He really does over do it outside so this has probably been a long time coming. He cuts his own firewood, grows his own garden, mows the grass, installs fencing…things that a nearly 69 year old man probably shouldn’t be doing.

Here’s a picture of my dad taken on Father’s Day this year. He’s on the phone with my brother Victor.

I love my dad dearly even though we haven’t been super close since I was little and tagged along everywhere behind him, needing to be just like him. Things like digging potatoes, hauling firewood, driving the tractor, going fishing and I even had to soak me feet like he did after a hard days work. I was such a tom-boy. So, if you are the praying type please send some prayers his way, or even just some positive thoughts.

I know that my dad will never read this (they don’t have internet) but I just want to say, “Dad, I love you and I “heart” your heart. Please take care of it.”


One thought on “I "Heart" Your Heart

  1. Definitely praying that the caregivers around him will be able to find out exactly what is going on and that both of your parents will have wisdom and direction for the path ahead!

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