Craftiness Fun And An Update

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve post anything other than posts about food or blog contests. It’s sad really. I have all sorts of ideas for things I want to blog about, family, friends, random thoughts in my brain, but I never seem to have the time to actually sit down and flesh them out. I’ve been known to “compose” entire blog entries in my brain (generally in the shower where I have free time to think) and they never make it to the computer, either because I’ve forgotten what I’d “written” about or it was just past when I could have posted it. But, I digress.

I wanted to post about the art activity that Bug and I did last week on Wednesday. It was his first day of fingerpainting. Yep, Mommy let him fingerpaint…although I dreaded the mess that could be made. He had fun, but he was hesitant. Was Mommy really going to let me make a mess? Yep, I did. After putting Bug in an old t-shirt I wasn’t concerned about getting dirty (yeah, it was white…lol), laying down a protective layer of newspaper on my kitchen floor and taping together some computer paper to make one big sheet (I don’t have any big painting paper so I had to make due) we opened the brand spankin’ new case of fingerpaints, which came complete with fingertip brushes, a paint roller with interchangeable heads and a paintbrush.

He was hesitant to get his hands dirty and mainly used one finger to spread the paint around.
He did eventually get more than just one finger dirty.

I brought out the roller brush and squirted some new paint on the paper and he rolled it around making lots of multicolored streaks and rainbows. The paint started to get sticky so it was time to clean up. He didn’t really want to, but he did want to wash his hands. And apparently, this fingerpaint will stain skin for a short amount of time. It took nearly all day for the paint to wear off his hands. At least he didn’t get any on his face. lol

So Thursday night we had 2 full cords of firewood delivered. I had to stack some of it Friday before it began to rain. I ended up hurting my back and I’m still in pain (it’s now Monday). Our next door neighbor, Scott, came over Saturday afternoon to give Darling Hubby and I a hand stacking it. Bug was a big help. He had so much fun bringing small pieces inside and putting them on the pile. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of him being a big helper. To bad this helpful streak won’t last forever.

Sunday, we ended up needing to purchase a new television for our living room. Our other one went on the fritz and the remote wasn’t working. Now before you say something like, ” Why didn’t you change the batteries or get a new remote?” let me tell you that we did all those things and more. The remote had been quirky for a little over a month, only working when it really wanted to. It had been dismantled and we attempted a repair with no luck. We tried all kinds of new batteries and even new remotes. We had an old universal remote, but that failed to run any of our electronic devices so that one ended up in the trash. The new one we bought only worked for the DVD player and VCR…still not what we were looking for. Turns out that the sensor for the remote on the TV itself ceased to function. Now, we aren’t lazy and can get up off our duffs to change the channel (or just run it through the VCR on those lazy days), the problem is that we use the closed captioning so the volume doesn’t need to be cranked to maximum and we can only control the CC with the remote…stupid…therefore, we needed a remote that functioned and a TV that could receive a signal. Therefore it was, in essence, a necessity to purchase a new TV. In turn, Bug and Baby Girl got a fun new toy…the box the TV came in. I cut out a couple windows and a door and they had fun coloring it and crawling in and out of it. I have pictures, but I don’t want to post pics of Baby Girl without permission and I’m being lazy today and don’t feel like uploading them from my camera….

So, that’s what we’ve been up to lately. Off to get the kiddlets some lunch and then it’s naptime for everyone, which equals quiet time for me! Woohoo!


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