It’s Been Ruff, Ruff, Ruff

It’s been a rough couple weeks in the Sarandipity household. It started out like this…Last Monday Baby Girl was dropped off and she had a head cold. Nothing major, just a little bit of a stuffy nose and the occasional sneeze. I’m not too concerned about Bug being around head colds, cause, come on…he’s gonna have a zillion of them when he starts school. Best to get some of the minor bugs out of the way now. By early Wednesday morning, Bug woke up crying and saying his nose hurt. And it was no wonder his nose hurt…he had enough snot in there to sink a battleship…and I’m not talking one of the little plastic ones from the Milton Bradley game. He eventually went back to sleep and seemed ok come morning; Still stuffy, but nothing we couldn’t handle. By Thursday around 2am, the cough had set in. In the morning, I get a call from Baby Girl’s Mommy. Apparently, Baby Girl is having some trouble breathing and the earliest doctor appointment she could schedule wasn’t until 1:45. She hated to ask me to watch her being that Baby Girl obviously wasn’t feeling well, but she had a meeting that had already been blown off once and Baby Girl’s Daddy was out of town. I agreed to watch her and made sure I kept her and Bug separated to make sure nothing else was exchanged between them. She ended up taking an early nap and ate most of her normal lunch and was in good spirits, despite the breathing difficulty, when her mom picked her up around 1. Turns out she had an ear infection and just a bad chest cold. They gave her antibiotics and a nebulizer (which went over like a ton of bricks) and by Saturday she was acting like her old self again.

Saturday at our house the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs decided that it didn’t want to remain hanging where it was and fell completely off the wall, landing on the dogs in the dog bed below it…No one was hurt. Sunday morning, Bug decided that it was “I’m not going to listen to Daddy” day and went downstairs alone. Daddy told him to stop, but Bug pulled his “bye” routine and started rushing down the stairs. In his hurry, he tripped on the last 2 stairs and fell face first into the side of the plastic dog bed. For the record, the dog bed is a plastic storage container without the lid and a hole cut in the side. I was still in bed and heard a thud, some crying, Daddy going down and coming back up the stairs and telling Bug to sit on the toilet so he could check him out. I go running in there not knowing what to expect. Turns out he busted the inside of his mouth open pretty good. There was lots of blood, but thankfully it stopped pretty quickly. No loose teeth that I could determine. He has a slight bruise (very faint yellow) on the right side of his mouth and the scrapes are getting better. The inside of his mouth looks better too, although he won’t let me get a really good look. In a way, I’m glad the baby gate wasn’t at the bottom of the stairs that day and that the dog bed stays there. If it the gate was there, he probably would have bounced off that, too before landing in the dog bed. And, without the dog bed, it would have been a face plant on the hardwood floor…who knows what kind of damage that could do from that height….I shudder to think…

So fast forward to last night. After dinner I helped Darling Hubby upgrade the power supply and the video card for the computer. Then my stomach started hurting. Don’t worry, it wasn’t the nauseous feeling, but more of a pressure, like gas but worse. I’ve had this feeling before on several occasions and it seems I just can’t pin point when or why its going to happen. For a while we thought it might be a lactose intolerance, but even if I don’t eat cheese or milk, it still seemed to happen. I seem to think it may be a menstrual thing, but sometimes it happens around that time and sometimes not. It’s very annoying. Last night was a very bad episode. My stomach hurt all night long, no matter what I did. I took Tums, drank water, drank hot tea, tried all different positions in bed and eventually took an Excedrin around 5:45 this morning. That seemed to help, as it has in the past. I think I jinxed myself by talking to my friend Fried PorkChop about this issue last night. She has a similar tummy problem…It’s frustrating for both of us, to say the least.

Then, this morning around 9, I get a call from Baby Girl’s Daddy. Apparently Baby Girl has a case of the “Return of the Last Meal Eaten,” so she’s not here today. In a way, I’m glad because I’m very tired from not getting a lot of sleep last night. I just hope that we keep all the sickness away from me. I’m actually getting tired of disinfecting everything. My house is one big ad for Lysol.

Anyway…I’m knocking on wood for good health.

And, on a good note, I finished Bug’s 2nd (larger) sweater as well a the one I made for Baby Girl. I’ve started working on the one Fried PorkChop has requested for her son Buckwheat. I finished the front panel this morning…only the back panel, 2 sleeves and a pocket to go.

Oh, since my friends Fried PorkChop and T-Bone got new banners for their blogs, I thought I’d redo mine as well. I made it myself. I’m pretty proud of it…if I do say so myself…


2 thoughts on “It’s Been Ruff, Ruff, Ruff

  1. oh my what a week you had. ugh……….WOW!

    I do hope you have a better week.

    oh and I love love love LOVE your header. It is really beautiful!

  2. Great header, hope everyone is feeling better. And yup, I think you jinxed yourself. When we talked on the phone, I think I mentioned that my last bout of it was as horrible as yours, so go figure.

    I thought it was lactose intolerance at one point too (weird huh?) and sometimes I still do. But I refuse to keep track of what I eat in order to determine what to avoid, it could be a VERY long and arduous process. If you find anything that does work, let me know!

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