Goin’ Old School Rocks

Thursday night was game night in our abode and it was one of the most fun game nights I’ve had in a long time. Despite not being completely up to snuff on how the rules worked, having switched gears completely, I did really well. My friend Bernie was a big help by printing out the entire list of spells I can cast, including a spell list for my daily spells, as well as a list of what creatures I can summon. We just have a few more lists to work out and I’ll be home free.

Honestly, I have to say, being a magic wielding Druid really kicks mechanical butt…literally! Up to the midway point in the game I was pretty useless. The spells I had chosen weren’t really things that could help us (being I’m a Druid, I need nature and we were, unfortunately, underground) so I was feeling quite useless, aside from being the note taker for the night. We finally got into a spot where my skills were useful. I can shape change into small, medium and large creatures that I’m familiar with. We ended up coming across some metal cables strung haphazardly about this passageway and they sent me in the form of a hawk, swooping down the tunnel. In passing, I brushed up against one of the cables and was in for a great surprise. Not only was I sticking fast where I touched it, but I had volts of electricity coursing through my feathery body. Thankfully our GM didn’t feel the need to taser me for the real effect.

Cue the entrance of the giant mechanical spider…Have I mentioned in this blog before that I really hate spiders?

By the middle of the battle, our resident flying pixie, Tink (Bernie) was also caught in the mechanical spiders web and since the other party members were rather useless at freeing us from it’s venomous bites and electric webs without getting caught themselves, it was up to me. For my last shape change of the day, I transformed into a large, hulking brown bear. My struggling against the webbing attracted the spider to my location where I proceeded to beat the living crap out of it. I was really impressed with myself. After its mechanical failure and demise, I was able to tear myself from the webbing, which was still sticky, but no longer electrified. I should say that I did take quite a beating from the webbing and the spiders bites and my hit points were nearing the zero mark rapidly when the battle subsided. Thankfully, our resident Cleric (Darling Hubby, otherwise known in the game as Skrewdat (simply because he couldn’t use the name he’d used for his last character creation…the GM said, “no” and DH said, “Screw that!”)) was able to heal me up and fast, before our next battle ensued…but I wasn’t a part of that one. That was all Tink and some talking doors.

Oh, I should mention that Darling Hubby had a good night, too. He took out 4 ghouls in one swipe with a turn undead spell. It was pretty cool. They were there and suddenly, they were piles of dust on the floor.

Gotta love Old School!


2 thoughts on “Goin’ Old School Rocks

  1. I’m glad that stuff blows your skirt up girlfriend! I think that is something I would never be able to do, I have too much self-consciousness going on. But the way you described it tells me that if you keep that stuff up, you might be able to throw an awesome fiction book out sometime in the future. Looks like it gives you some great background information to use (kinda reminds me of something Hobbit-ish) 😀 Glad you had fun!

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