So Much To Do…So Little Time!

So, my mom and dad are coming up for a little “mini party” for Bug’s 3rd birthday on Sunday. We are just having lunch and cake and ice cream…Nothing fancy. I decided that this year might be too much for him if we invited family and friends so we are keeping it small…super small. My mom and dad missed out on Bug’s first 2 birthday parties so that’s the reason I invited just them. Plus, they never come to visit so I figured if I could get them out of the house for a day it would be good for them. Let’s hope they don’t disappoint. I think Bug is looking forward to their visit.

I have a ton of stuff to accomplish before they arrive. You know, I have this thing where I have to clean pretty well before family comes to visit, esp my mom since she’s a clean person…you could eat off her kitchen floor. I wouldn’t recommend that in my house. My floor is clean and swept daily (and spot cleaned when those sticky spots start showing up), but not always mopped clean… Anyway, I’m a list maker so I figured I’d make a list of all the things I have to do here for all the public to see (and maybe hold me accountable) and that way I might be more apt to get it all done before they arrive Sunday morning, provided the temperature won’t drop below 40 and it’s not icing or snowing…

I’ll update this post and cross things off as I get them done.

  1. Bake Bug’s birthday cake
    Bug helped me with that this morning…it’s currently cooling.
  2. Decorate Bug’s birthday cake
  3. Clean the kitchen (Empty dish drainer, wash dishes, empty dish drainer again, wipe down counters)
  4. Clean the bathrooms. I even cleaned the tub…even though mom won’t check there…at least I don’t think she will!
  5. Sweep and mop the bathrooms, kitchen, living room and dining room floors.
  6. Vacuum the rugs in the office, living room and Bug’s room. Although I’m sure I’ll do this again Sunday morning.
  7. Finish putting away all the dried laundry.
  8. Sweep the front porch.
  9. Clean out the cat and dog pans.
  10. Make my bed. gasp!
  11. Dust
  12. Straighten up all the toys and put them away.

OK, let’s see how much I can get done before Darling Hubby gets home. Provided it’s not icy outside we plan to go out in search of a big boy mattress for Bug (A local Mom and Pop store is having a mattress sale so we’ll go check them out) and then to Friendly’s for a birthday treat. Bug LOVES Friendly’s and he’s got a coupon for a free kids meal. Then, I get up tomorrow and start tackling all the stuff I didn’t get done today…on top of grocery shopping…ugg!


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