So today was supposed to be a pretty spur of the moment visit with my friends Annie, T-Bone and their son, Buckwheat, who were planning the 2+ hour drive from their place to mine, but the forecast for tonight and tomorrow is looking pretty slick (Gotta love weather reports of 4-8 inches of snow topped off with a nice thick layer of ice) so we  postponed the visit. Bummer. I was really looking forward to the Brooks BBQ they were picking up on the way their visit.

Here’s a little background on us…Annie and I were close friends in Elementary School and Junior High. We were in Girl Scouts together (scouts honor!) and were always hanging out together during the summer for sleep overs, fairs and birthday parties. Then some rough things happened to her, she left school and we kinda lost touch. We’d see each other occasionally during the summers after I graduated, but those brief passing moments weren’t enough to really keep a strong friendship alive.

Later, I found out that she hooked up with a close friend from high school. T-Bone and I were in band together. He played tenor sax and I played flute, alto sax and trumpet. He sat behind me in concert band and we always goofed off and joked around. My mom adored him. She still lovingly refers to him as Cookie Monster to this day…all because he did her a favor during one of our many concerts (being a member of the AV department he was able to run a power cord to the 2nd or 3rd row of seats so she could plug in her camcorder) and she repaid his kindness with a big plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies that he and another AV member devoured in one period.

I found out, shortly after having Bug in ’05, that Annie also had a new addition to her family…enter Buckwheat. He and Bug are 2 days apart in age. I’m sure they’d be fast friends if only we lived closer to each other. I’m sure Annie, T-Bone and I would be able to rekindle that old friendship we had in the days before life got in the way and we would be able to hang out with each other a lot and have some adult interaction. At least we have free long distance and internet capabilities to keep us in touch at a moments notice.

So, now it’s looking like we’ll have that visit in a couple weeks, on a weekend when Darling Hubby will be home to enjoy the festivities and we can all have fun, play some games, let the kiddos entertain themselves. Fingers crossed there’s no ice storm on the 23rd.


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