Well, That Just Sucks Hard!

So the weather is just complete crap today.  It started snowing last night around 5:30 and we got about 3 inches or so before going to bed at 10.  I heard it start sleeting around 11:30 and it was raining by morning.  Darling Hubby got up as usual, snow blowered the driveway and went to work as normal.  The roads were crap, but he made it to work in 30 minutes versus the 15 minutes it usually takes.  At least he made it there safely.  I heard there were a lot of accidents.  Probably all those people who drive their big gas guzzlin’ SUV’s who think that just be cause they have an SUV they can drive like normal when road conditions are bad…you know the ones I’m talkin’ ’bout.

So, for now, we are all cooped up inside…not like I was going out to play anyway, but it would have been nice to take Bug outside to let him burn off some energy and get some fresh air.  He would love to play in the snow.  Too bad it’s nothing but ice.  Our yard is a complete sheet of ice covered by a lake.  For now we are playing with puzzles and trains and watching TV…the joys of winter…At least last year at this time we had lots of snow to play in..too bad the temperatures were so bitter..  Good Ol’ Valentine’s Day Blizzard of 2007!

On top of the crappy weather that’s putting a damper on my mood, we got some bad news about one of Darling Hubby’s friends from high school.  Apparently he recently had surgery to remove something from his nasal passage and it turns out it was cancerous.  Yep, the dreaded C word.  Now he’s going through a battery of tests to see if it spread.  I’m hoping and praying that it hasn’t.  He’s married and has 2 children.

On top of it, I feel really bad for Darling Hubby, too.  I guess his friend was slowly hinting that something was wrong during their various phone calls and online gaming sessions.  Darling Hubby didn’t think it was any of his business to ask the details (like “oh, what was your surgery for?”) and told me last night he feels like a shmuck because he didn’t ask.  It’s not that he doesn’t care, he does (they’ve been friends since high school and worked together and played computer games together), he just didn’t want to know the details.  He’s really torn up about it and I could see it was bothering him last night.  He said he just doesn’t know what to say to him.

If you are reading this and can spare a prayer or 2 for our friend, CM, it would be greatly appreciated.  Off to figure out what to have for lunch and to find something constructive to do with Bug before he goes stir crazy from watching too much TV.


One thought on “Well, That Just Sucks Hard!

  1. I had a feeling that you were in bah-humbug mode this morning. Hope that all goes well with DH’s friend and his upcoming journey.

    We are so pelted in snow it’s rather pathetic. The sleet/freezing rain/ice part wasn’t bad at all, it had all cleared up by noon. But no where did our local news station report that we were going to be buried under more snow. In the past 2 hours, at least 3 inches more has fallen. We only received maybe 2 inches from last nights “storm”.

    Bleh, I so wish that the weather had been better so I could have been visiting with you!

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