Crappy Weather of 2008

After my post yesterday about the crappy weather, things started to get a little worse. I know they say things always get worse before it starts to get better, so this just proves that they are right…whoever they are.

Darling Hubby called me around 2 to let me know his company was planning on sending all the employees home at 3 because they were getting worried about the dropping temperatures and the rain that was still falling. He gets home fine a little after 3. I’d curled up on the couch after getting Bug to sleep for his nap and was working on my knitting and watching some DVR’ed eppisodes of All My Children while he played some games on the computer to unwind. All of a sudden the lights blink, the fish tank stops and everything goes back to normal. It does it one more time before the power goes out completely. This is around 4…right when I’m supposed to get on the ball and start cooking pork chops for dinner. Yeah…It’s lookin’ like that ain’t happenin’.

We go outside and check with the neighbors who are also out of power and I make the call to the power company to let them know. Oddly enough, we still have phone…we have digital phone and I was under the impression that if the power went out we would lose phone, too. At least that’s what they cable company told me when I signed up…Guess that’s not completely the case…

Anyway, we decided to go out for dinner. Bug wanted Mickey D’s while Darling Hubby wanted KFC. Instead of arguing over where to eat, we hit both drive-thru’s and headed to the game store where the gamers were gathering to eat dinner and play some roleplaying games. We hung out there for a while and then headed over to our friends Bernie and Rose’s place until our power came back on, which wasn’t until 7:15ish. I called the house periodically to see if the answering machine kicked on. We stayed for a little while longer and then came home to a nice warm, (I made sure to have a good fire going just in case the power blinked out) well lit house. Oh, and our power company called to ask if our power was back on…well, they left a message on our machine telling us if it wasn’t on to call them back. Too funny…

Now, you may be (maybe not) wondering what caused out power to go out. Well, that would probably be because of the massive amounts of ice and water everywhere.

This is what our driveway looked like last night and this morning. Unlike yesterday, today it is a pond covered by a thick layer of ice. Although I wouldn’t recommend walking on it. I did and sank through in places and got my shoe all wet…lol

My Driveway

Here are some pictures of the trees all coated in ice. It’s very beautiful and at the same time, can be very destructive. I did notice that some branches from a neighbors tree snapped off under the weight of all the ice. I’m thankful I wasn’t under it…that’s for sure.

Ice covered tree branches

Neighbors Tree
This is my favorite picture. There’s just something I love about the green of the pine tree the white of the new fallen snow and the icicles.

Right now, things are starting to thaw thanks to good ol’ Mr. Golden Sun. The front steps have de-iced and the driveway is melting. I’m sure it will refreeze again tonight when Mr. Sun starts going down. Who knows when we will see ground again. I can’t wait for spring…

3 thoughts on “Crappy Weather of 2008

  1. I could lie to you and say that I love your pics. I don’t love them. In fact, they remind me of all of the reasons that I should live in Key Largo, or Bermuda.. or.. or.. or…. ack!

    Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take ya
    Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
    Key Largo, Montego baby why don’t we go
    Jamaica… Off the Florida Keys…
    That’s where we wanna be… to get away from it alll…

    You had it comin’ woman. Anyway, the pictures in themselves are well taken, and I’m sure that there are reasons that you like them. But I don’t like the subjects of them. Makes me cringe.

    I’m sure I had more to say, but I was all caught up with the Kokomo and forgot. Sorry. Hope you don’t spend your day with that ol’ Girl Scout Mother/Daughter Dinner performance stuck in your head. Hey, isn’t that the same Dinner where another group went and ruined “God Bless the USA” with NKOTB or something just as snarky? I still remember the degredation I felt when they combined those two. That troop should have been lynched for dishonoring an anthem of such magnitude. 🙂

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