I’ll Be A Little Late To My Own Funeral

Don’t worry…I’m not dying…well, at least I don’t think I am…


Anyway, my good friend Annie over at Fried PorkChop bestowed upon me the award for Excellence in Blogging. Sadly, I don’t think I’m living up to this award since, well, I didn’t hold up my part in the bargain when she gave it to me. I was supposed to come back to my blog and tell you all about it and then tag people…well, I’m a slacker so I’m just now getting around to posting about this award…It’s only been, what…. 2 weeks! I still think I’m excellent so I’m thankfully accepting the award and passing the love along!

So, I’m sure that most of my friends have already been blessed with this award. I already know that Corey, Rachelle and T-Bone have had it bestowed upon them…way to go girls (and guy)! Now, who am I to tag…Annie said10 people, but I’m not sure I could come up with that many so here are my top 5.

Shannon at Saga City. Mommy to darling Cassie, she’s a high school teacher of English and is planning on going for her PhD in the near future! She is very well written and definitely deserves the Excellent blogger award!

Megan at Sortacrunchy. She’s the sorta crunchy (as in hippie, granola) mommy of 2 beautiful little girls. She just moved from Blogger to typepad in the Big Bloggy Move. She is definitely an excellent blogger. I love reading what she has to say…even though I’m so not crunchy!

Meghan at Pyerflies over Zanarkand. Meghan, who is quite busy lately, is the mommy to darling Xan and is expecting beautiful River in the months to come. She is a wonderful photographer (I envy her skills) and a fun blogger to read.

Lori at Fairytales and Margaritas. Mommy to 4 in Sunny Cali. Disney lover! All around crazy girl! Definitely, an excellent blogger!

Suzy who just recently started to make her path in the snow in the bloggin world. She hasn’t blogged much, but I know what she does talk about, will be Excellent!

Ok, there you have it. Those are my nods for Excellence.  Don’t believe that they are excellent?  Go check them out for yourself.  Go on! Git!


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