UPS…We Have A Problem

On February 7th we took Bug in to the doctors for his 3 year well child check up. We got a late appointment and were pretty much in and out without issue…aside from the fact that Bug remembered the place from over a year ago and screamed blue murder from the time we walked down the dreaded hallway all through the exam…I take that back…he was fine when he pretending to be the Big Bad Wolf and was blowing the nurses out of the room…which they found to be really funny.

Anyway, that Thursday was also my bi-weekly roleplaying game night. We host and we start around 6…Bug’s appointment was for 5:30…poor planning on my part. I gave my key to a friend of mine who games with us and he was going to come over and unlock the house and let everyone in. I told him I was expecting a package that would be delivered by UPS. We checked the delivery status that day and it was on the truck and out for delivery. Huston, we are go for payload delivery…

We returned to the house earlier than we thought and when I asked about the package, no one knew a thing. The front porch was checked several times and it wasn’t there. Ok, we figured the truck hadn’t gone by yet. Sometimes they are running late. By 7:30 it still wasn’t there…which was odd. Darling Hubby checked online and according to the UPS website the package had been delivered. We thought for sure that one of the guys in the group was screwing with us and was hiding the package…nope…not the case.

We check with the neighbors who haven’t seen it, we look on the front porch of the state run facility (persons with disabilities group home) next door…nothing. I’m pretty pissed (it was a present for me) and assume the package was delivered to the wrong house. Great…I was sure some evil soul was going to open my package and keep my present…

We wait until the next morning and still no package. I attempt to get in touch with UPS, but finding the right email to send a message to on their site is like trying to mail a fish in a plastic ziploc baggie and it’s just as hard to get a human on the line with their 1-800 number. I resorted to using the get a human website to find out how to get someone on the line other than the annoying recorded woman who kept asking me (using her best dumb blond valley girl voice) if I wanted to, “track a package.” If you want a good laugh…call their number – 1-800-PICK-UPS (742-5877).

I finally get through and I talk to some lady who instructs me to contact the shipper and have them place a claim. Ok, talk to Darling Hubby who has all the info…In the end, I file a claim with UPS stating that the package is lost even though it shows as delivered and that I’d checked with the neighbors and the people who were at my house during the delivery time…yada yada yada….

Nothing happens for several days…fast forward to Wednesday…during the power outage…all the people in the neighborhood were outside checking with each other to see who had power and who didn’t…out comes one of the state workers asking our next door neighbor (who also works at a similar state run facility and has the same first name as my Darling Hubby) if he is missing a package…Umm no…but we are! Look at the f’ing address!

I was so pissed when Darling Hubby and the neighbor showed me and told me about it. I swore loudly! WTF! Why didn’t someone look at it and go…“oh, well this doesn’t belong to us, but it’s for our street…why don’t I deliver it next door right now…it could be something important….” Nope…2 words for you…State. Workers. I guess I can be grateful that they returned it and didn’t open it.

So things are all worked out between me and UPS…

Jump to the game store where Darling Hubby gets his comic books from. Comics are delivered by UPS on Wednesdays. Darling Hubby was going to pick up his comics when we were there during our little power outage, but alas…UPS didn’t deliver the box. Fast forward to Thursday…UPS driver delivers merchandise…still no comics. Owner is furious. Fast forward to today…have the comics come in….ummm nope. Owner is very pissed! He’s called the distributer who will reship the comics, unfortunately, several of the titles are sold out so they won’t be getting copies of them. Now he has to figure out how to get copies of those titles for the people who have subscriptions…

Needless to say it sounds like the same idiot who was delivering my package a week ago is the same idiot who is losing packages for the game store. I think UPS needs to start teaching their drivers how to check addresses before leaving packages on doorsteps and how to not lose packages. I think UPS should now be called OOPS. I think they really have a problem…


5 thoughts on “UPS…We Have A Problem

  1. Sounds like a lovely neighborhood. Then again, I’m sure my neighbors wouldn’t call either. Unless I had a goat on their porch, or ducks in their yard. Nothing like farm animals on the loose to make a neighbor remember that you are alive, and go digging for your phone number! I recommend getting some farm animals, and letting them run rampant to the neighbors at least on a weekly occasion. You can rest assured that they will know how to get in contact with you on a moment’s notice.

  2. When we lived in our townhouse, our UPS guy would leave packages on our front porch all the time. Our front porch that faced out to a busy and NOT trustworthy parking lot full of strangers! AHHHHH! Used to make me so mad!

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