WFMW – Laundry Tip – Saving Your Dryer


We all do laundry and most people, myself included, use the dryer. I’m more of a country girl and prefer to hang dry my clothes, (because they smell yummy when sun dried and it saves me money on my gas bill) but during the winter I occasionally have to use the dryer for large things like sheets and blankets and the like (yes, I still hang clothes in doors to dry).

To save and extend the life of your dryer, check your lint trap. You probably clean it out at the end of the cycle and forget about it, right. Well, I sometimes check mine in the middle of a cycle. It helps keep the air flowing through and helps your clothes to dry faster, especially when you are drying a big load. Also, if you use those dryer sheets, you should wash your lint trap in warm soapy water with a tooth brush every few months. Those dryer sheets can cause your lint trap to clog up with unseen residue which in turn can cause you to use more gas/electric to dry, burn out the heating element in your machine and cost you time and money on repair or replacement costs. Check it out on if you don’t believe me.

Also, go here to read more about tips for saving money while doing laundry.

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