Long, but good day…

So today has been a very long but good day. I got up super early at 6:30am with Darling Hubby. Yes, that is super early for me…Bug and I generally will snuggle down in bed while he watches some TV while I doze off and on until 8:30-9 most mornings. Today, Bug and I went over to our friends Bernie and Rose’s house, bright and early. They were going to a retirement party for Bernie’s Dad who has been with Price Chopper for many years. They were traveling out of town to a casino and would be staying overnight. It’s been my job to watch over the kidlets for the day. JB is 10 and went to school bright and early this morning. Rat, who is 7, stayed at the house with me and Bug as there would be no way for me to pick her up from her after school program as she is not bussed directly home. So, she was the lucky one and got a reprieve from 2nd grade, today. Bug and Rat had a grand time playing around. We played a board game called Snails Pace and played with cars and ponies and I attempted to play a Disney’s Cars racing game on the X-Box. I realize I’ve got no coordination anymore for those racing games… Lunch consisted of Mac and Cheese while I chowed down on a PB&J. JB got home around 3:15 and since it was a Friday, opted not to do his homework, and hopped on the computer to show us how he can “ride” the rollercoasters in his Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 game. It was pretty neat.

For dinner we dined on a Digeorno pepperoni pizza, chips/pretzles and green grapes. Thankfully we really didn’t have any fights over meals and I didn’t have to feed anyone by hand (like I did Bug at lunch.) Rat did request 2 HoHo’s, which I’m not a huge fan of, espically for bedtime snack, but she did eat a slice of cheese before we sat down to dinner so as not to ruin her appetite with junk food and instead of a 3rd HoHo in less than 6 hours, she nibbled anothwe piece of cheese before brushing her teeth and hopping into bed.

Since it is a weekend and we have no where to go tomorrow, I let the kids stay up. Darling Hubby picked Bug up and took him home around 7:30 (before the snow storm started) so he could sleep in his own bed and I let JB and Rat play on the X-Box 360 until 9:30 before calling it a night and getting them settled for bed. They went to bed with out a fight and I thought it was so sweet that JB willingly let his sister sleep in the same bed as him (head to toe) so she could enjoy the darkness of the blanket “fort” I’d set up for her and Bug earlier in the day. JB is such a good brother. I know if I were his age and I had a little sister…there would be no way in hades that she would be sleeping with me.

I haven’t heard a peep out of the 2 of them yet so hopefully they crashed without a fight and didn’t stay up talking all night. I’m watching Stargate Atlantis and then I’m thinking of reading a chapter or 2 of my Nora Roberts book, Angels Fall, before calling it a night on the couch. I really should go to sleep as I don’t know what time I’m gonna have to start the day tomorrow (I did tell the kids it was ok if they wanted to sleep in) and I have been up longer than I’m used to, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a night where I didn’t feel like I had to go to bed when Darling Hubby did and I can sit on the computer or read for a while and just have some me time at night. If I was in my own house…I might have even taken a bath…but, since I’m not, curling up on the couch with the remote, a warm blanket and a good book will have to do. Let’s hope that the morning doesn’t come too quickly and the kids sleep in…

Oh, in the morning we’ll have to see how much snow fell. We are supposed to get 5-8 inches of the white stuff overnight…When will it be spring?


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