Pink is NOT My Favorte Color

So on Tuesday afternoon I noticed that Bug’s right eye was starting to get a little red and goopy.  After his nap, his eye was gunked up and he was not really a happy camper.  It was looking better after his bedtime bath and by a few hours after bedtime, he was up screaming and crying because 1. his eye hurt and 2. he couldn’t open his eye, which was making him pretty scared.  I got him calmed down enough to sleep (restlessly) and after a couple times of him crying and me going back in his room several times, I just slept part of the night with him in his bed.  By morning, his eye had not improved and I was sure it was the dreaded Conjunctivitis…aka Pink Eye.  I called the dr in the morning and set up an early appt and we got in right away.  Keep in mind this is the first time I’ve actually taken Bug in to the doctors on a sick call…we made is just over 3 years without one… Since this was a sick call, our regular doctor wasn’t available.  The doctor we saw was a new one.  He was really great with Bug and had an amazing bedside manner.  When we got to the office, Bug said he was scared of the doctor and didn’t want to get out of the car.  Now, after seeing this doctor, days later, he’s pretending he’s a doctor…it’s really great.   I’ve got to find my old doctor kit that I had when I was growing up. Anyway, we’ve got a prescription for drops and they made a world of difference in just one day.

Fast forward to this morning.  I’m still babysitting and bright and early (after a bright and early wake up call from the kids) I get a phone call from Darling Hubby.  And guess what…yep, he now has pink eye…in both eyes.  I just hope we’ve got enough drops for the 2 of them.   Bug only has to go 2 more drops in each eye today and 3 more tomorrow and he’ll be done.  Knock on wood that I don’t get it.  I’m still contending with the head cold that’s finally decided that last night was a good night for my nose to completely stuff up/run like a sieve and for my throat to hurt.   Fingers crossed that it doesn’t get worse…With everyone else sick…no one will be up for taking care of Mommy.


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