Done and Done, It’s On It’s Way & Getting Better

It’s done…my 2007 taxes, that is. Many, many thanks go out to my friend Bernie for letting me use his Turbo Tax program and for letting me upgrade it to the Business software so I could correctly calculate my self employment taxes for the “business” I “owned” while I was babysitting Baby Girl. Thanks to Turbo Tax for finding an additional $200 deduction for something we never would have found otherwise. So, the tiny (<– that makes me happy) check for the feds has been written, the forms signed and dated and the envelope stamped and sent. The state forms have been completed, signed and sent. I’m just waiting for my refund to be direct deposited into my checking account. WOOT! I’m also sitting and waiting for my whopping check from the economic stimulus package…until then, I have plans for it, but we haven’t truly spent it yet.

Speaking of spending, we decided to buy Bug a big present for Easter since we will be getting so much back from taxes. Leapfrog had a good deal on their Leapster game units. Bug loves to “play” our Nintendo DS, but there really aren’t many games that are age appropriate for him. So, we shelled out the money to get him one that he can really get into. We ended up getting the L-Max which was only $10 more than the regular Leapster. We bought a Finding Nemo game and got a Ratatouille game for FREE! We also shelled out for the recharger. Hopefully, Bug will love it and play it a lot.

Oh, and it’s being shipped by UPS…I’m not sure how I feel about it. It was my only shipping option. I’m not going to be very happy if they incorrectly deliver this package as it’s much more expensive than the last one. It’s supposed to be here by tomorrow. I shelled out for rush delivery so it wouldn’t be in their hands too long to make sure it would be here well before Easter. You can bet your tax refund that I’m going to be watching for the delivery truck and if a cute man in brown doesn’t walk up to my door with a package in his hands you can be sure that we’ll have some words. It’s currently in Philadelphia, PA waiting to be shipped to NY…

On another good note, Bug’s ear is looking much better after his fall he took Monday at lunch time. While I was on the phone with Shell I heard a crash from the living room and when I went to investigate, I saw Bug with a gaping hole in his right ear. Quickly getting off the phone with Shell I tended to the very unhappy Bug while assessing the wound and attempting to get a hold of Darling Hubby…it was lunch time at the lab, there was no one around to answer the phone…so I spent about 30 mins trying to get anyone. Anyway, the wound wasn’t something that could be stitched up so I got the bleeding stopped (t really didn’t bleed much at all) and the cut cleaned out and put some ointment and a Sesame Street band aid on it. For those of you with an aversion to wounds and all things rather gory, you may not want to look at the following picture. I’ve made it a link to the file so no one gets grossed out unnecessarily.

Anyway, today it’s looking much better. I’ve been cleaning it out with peroxide a couple times a day and putting Neosporin on it and letting it stay open to the air so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. He’s probably going to have a pretty nasty scar. I’m hoping that the Neosporin helps so it’s not too bad. Oh, and you are probably wondering what he fell on to cause that injury. Well, he’d climbed up on the radiator behind the couch (where he knows he’s not supposed to be) and fell off hitting his ear directly on the sharp corner of his little wooden piano. I hope he won’t be doing that again…


2 thoughts on “Done and Done, It’s On It’s Way & Getting Better

  1. OUCHIES! Poor guy, that had to hurt.

    What if the man in the brown suit sauntering up your walk isn’t good looking? Will you still take the package? Lol.

    I’m hoping our stimulus comes in at all, for some reason every year that “something” of the sort has been released, we never get it. And we file our taxes like good little doobies, so I have no clue why!

  2. Poor Bug- that looks SO painful! Ear injuries are the worst! Give him a big hug and kiss from me! And a hug for you too- that must have been scary!

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