UPS…I’m Not Your Biggest Fan

Ok, I think the title says it all.  I think I’m starting to very much dislike UPS.  Up until recently, UPS and I have had a fairly decent relationship.  They deliver my packages and I’m happy.  After last time’s delivery fiasco, I was really hesitant to use them for the shipping of Bug’s Leapster, but since it was my only option I forced to use them or lose out on the good deal.  I diligently followed my packages journey from California to Pennsylvania to New Jersey and finally to New York.  I waited patiently as my package was “Out For Delivery” on Thursday from 1am on.  I watched for the truck while I was doing other things, determined not to miss it.

While I was making dinner, the truck arrives.  I didn’t want to seem to eager so I held myself from running outside.  I did watch the delivery guy, who wasn’t cute and seemed rather surly, get out of the truck with my package and toss it onto my front steps.  Yes, he tossed it!  Um, hello?  What happened to treating other peoples belongings with care?  And what happened to not leaving it right out in the open where any yahoo driving down the street can pick it up and walk off with it?  I have an enclosed front porch and the dude didn’t even try the door.  I figured with a box that big I was at least guaranteed to get a knock at the door.  As he was walking away I went out and mumbled, (I’m not sure if it was loud enough for him to hear since he was walking away) “Dude, thanks for just tossing my package around.  Nothing like leaving it outside for others to steal!”   I was pretty annoyed, to say the least.  But at least it was to the right house this time!

Ok, granted it was nearly 6pm and the guy did have a rather large delivery truck with a trailer attached and he was probably tired and ready for his day to be over, but that doesn’t give him the right to just toss my package around and leave it without regard on my front steps where anyone could see it.  It’s not like it was a little package either.  It was a pretty large box.

UPS issues aside, Bug really loves his new LeapFrog L-Max Leapster.  He’s a little young for it still (it’s suited to ages 4 and up) but he’s doing really well with the Ratatouille game we got for free and some of the games on the Finding Nemo one. He wanted to play with it the moment we came downstairs, but I forced encouraged him to eat breakfast before he could play.  He’s playing it now, curled up next to Daddy who is playing his Nintendo DS.  It’s too cute.


4 thoughts on “UPS…I’m Not Your Biggest Fan

  1. sorry UPS is not working out for you these days. I really havent had trouble with them.

    where did you get the leapster? I’d love to rejoice in YOUR good deal. 🙂

  2. UPS most generally comes to my door. When they can find it. Seems like if you live in the sticks, they would rather feign ignorance at not being able to find your house, and return the package to the shipping center for someone else to deliver when they feel like it. But they always come to the door.

    Looks like a great learning tool for Bug. My route for Easter? Bikes, baby. I’d rather have my brats outside during the summer, and out of my hair. Living in the country helps though. Hope he is enjoying his Leapster thingy!

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