Works For Me Wednesday – Hardboiled Eggs

Works for Me Wednesday

With Easter coming fast and furious this weekend, those of us with kids know it’s time we got into the kitchen and hardboiled some eggs for coloring. I can remember back when I was little and my mom would reluctantly cook a dozen white eggs (we had chickens that laid brown eggs which weren’t good for coloring so we’d have to buy a dozen at the store) which her and my dad would then eat for the next week… Anyway, it was inevitable that one of those precious little white gems of mine would break before ever seeing the glory of its colored days.

I’ve since then solved the busted hardboiled egg problem! Get a pot of water boiling. While that’s heating, take a needle or a pin and poke a single small hole in the large end of each egg. Don’t worry, you won’t break the shell by putting a small hole in the bottom, unless you squeeze it too hard. This small hole allows the trapped air inside the egg to release out the end, thus preventing your eggs from breaking open during the cooking process. It also helps keep the yolk a pretty yellow color instead of turning all green. This is great for when you are making deviled eggs. When your water is boiling, toss a bit of salt in the water (I’m not entirely sure if this helps keep the shell from breaking, but it’s seemed to work in conjunction with the pin hole. At any rate, if an egg does happen to bust, it will already be nicely salted for you) and turn your heat down to med-low. Slowly submerge each egg in the water on a large spoon. Turn the heat back up to med-high and boil for 10-15 mins. Carefully drain off the hot water and rinse in cold water. Cool your eggs in the pot (either in cold water or dry) until they are cool enough to handle and then refridgerate overnight. Color anytime.

Oh, and if you are concerned about the dye seeping inside the egg shell though the pin hole, yes, this will happen a bit, but you can easily wipe off the dye before eating. It’s food safe so it’s not going to hurt you.

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4 thoughts on “Works For Me Wednesday – Hardboiled Eggs

  1. I’ve done the salt trick and have used vinegar, too. But never the pinhole trick. It sounds like fun, so I might try it this year!
    BTW, I’ll still color eggs that have only cracked, but haven’t leaked. The dye makes a pretty decoration on the egg inside…like a dinosaur egg!

  2. We used to put the hole in the eggs when I was a kid too! Also do you guys have gorse bushes in the States? We used to pick the yellow flowers at Easter and put them in the water with the eggs as they cooked. It dyes the eggs a pretty yellow colour! 🙂

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