Frustrated – Today’s Word On the Street

I hate feeling frustrated…but, this is all my doing. I’m a crochet whore. I love having crochet projects to work on and I’m always wanting to start something new even before I’ve completed my current work in progress. On Monday started working on a sweater for Darling Hubby. I was able to stumble upon a crochet version of a fisherman knit sweater and really wanted to try it out. I started it with some dark brown yarn that I had left over from a previous project and while the pattern is easy and is quickly progressing (although I’ve since then decided to create this lovely work of art for someone other than Darling Hubby and foist give it to said person for Christmas), I have three quarters of the back finished and it’s currently residing on the arm of my couch where I last set it down when I stopped working on it Wednesday…Why did I stop working on it on Wednesday? Well, the Happy Hooker book I requested from the library was in and it had a pattern I really wanted to work on making for me.

Wednesday took me to the craft store where I purchased enough yarn to finish the brown sweater I started (eventually), yarn to start and finish a sweater for Darling Hubby and enough yarn to create my lovely shirt. I started gauge swatches for my shirt and decided that my gauge isn’t exactly correct, but it was close, so I went with it. I worked on the back for most of the night and most of the day of Thursday. I finished up the back (after a very frustrating ordeal of a knotted skein of yarn) this morning and when I started working on the front panel I noticed that the second skein of yarn was a completely different shade and yarn size than the previous skein…Turns out that I didn’t look closely enough when I bought the yarn. The oddball skein was one that didn’t have a label on it, but it was in the same bin and was the same color as the other 2. Guess I was wrong. So, now I’ve got a finished back piece what won’t match the rest of the shirt. On top of that, since the yarn I’m using now is thicker than what I was using, my gauge seems really off and I’m not sure if it’s going to match up with the back and I’m not sure it is even gonna fit when I get it done…

I started new gauge swatches using bigger hooks and I found that I can use a N hook instead of an I and get a closer gauge, but I don’t like how big the holes are using the bigger hook. I’d like to be able to wear it without having a tank top underneath and with the bigger gauge I won’t be able to do that.

On top of it all, I was really hoping to get it all done before Saturday so I could wear it for Easter, but it’s looking like that’s not going to happen. I may have to frog the whole thing and start all over again and see if I can find 2 skeins of the yarn that I started with (I really like it, but I have no clue what brand it was) or, find 1 more skein of the yarn I’m currently using. I think the latter might be tough to do since there were only 2 skeins in the bin with labels and I bought both of them…grrr…

So, for now, I’m debating on frogging the whole thing and starting over with completely different yarn or making the front and back with the matching yarn and the sleeves with the oddball. Also up for debate is whether I keep going with the smaller hook and leaving the possibility of it not fitting me when it’s done or switching to the larger hook and not being completely happy with the end result.

I’m not going to let this bother me now…I’ve got to many other things I really should be doing like dishes, finish making the rolls for Easter dinner at Darling Hubby’s Grandpa’s, cooking dinner, cleaning up, finding crochet patterns to print out for my mom….you get the idea…


4 thoughts on “Frustrated – Today’s Word On the Street

  1. Hence the reason I’m not crafty lol. Too many failed attempts that wound me up with a handful of nothing to show for it has curbed my enthusiasm.

    You guys are gonna be down this way this weekend? Would love to squeeze at least 5 mins in to see ya!!!

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