Funny Conversation

This is a conversation that I just had with Bug…

I’m sitting on the couch crocheting while Bug is watching Oswald on Noggin and playing with his Batmobile.  He comes running up to me and says:

Bug: Mommy! My sock!  It wet!
Me: Why is your sock wet?
Bug: See? It wet. (holding up foot so I can see and feel that it is indeed wet.)
Me: (Thinking: Oh geeze…did the cat throw up some where and I didn’t see it and he stepped in it!)  How did your sock get wet?
Bug: It wet, Mommy.
Me: I see it’s wet, but where did you step?  How did it get wet?  What did you step in?
Bug: In the kitty bowl…
Me: (laughing) Why did you step in the kitty bowl? You silly goof!
Bug: Come on Mommy! Grabbing me by the hand and pulling me toward the kitchen.

As we go into the kitchen I see water spilled near the cat bowl and the reason the water is spilled.   Apparently, Batman was taking a spin in his Batmobile around the kitchen and got a little to close to the cat’s bowl, resulting in a wet sock…

Bug: Need paper towel, Mommy.
Me: Yes, we do.  I’ll clean it up and then let’s go change your socks…silly boy.

I’m just glad he came to tell me that there was a spill, rather than me finding it later and probably blaming it on the dog…


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