Food For Friday 3/31-4/4 & 4/7-4/11

Here’s where I’m at for this week. I’m trying not to spend a ton of money this time as we had a super high (nearly $200) grocery bill last time and we just can’t afford to have that again. I’m using a ton of stuff from the freezer and trying to only buy things that we use frequently and can store.

Monday – Craft Night – Sadaf’s turn to cook. Burgers and fries or Hamburger Helper for Darling Hubby and Bug
Tuesday – Spaghetti with homemade sauce
Wednesday – Johnsonville Brats
Thursday – Game Night – Dinner to be determined later
Friday – Tacos

Monday – Craft night – my turn to cook – Darling Hubby might be going to WWE Wrestling that night so either we move everything to my house and I cook at home or we cancel… I think I’ll make a couple pizzas
Tuesday – French Toast with breakfast sausages
Wednesday -Philly Cheese Steaks
Thursday – Rotisserie chicken breast with carrots and mashed potatoes
Friday Easy Chicken Cordon Blue


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