Let’s Hope It’s No April Fools

I decided over the weekend that I was going to start working with Bug on his potty training. We’d already had a potty ring and a potty chair for over a year but never really pushed the issue of sitting on it. We bought a package of pull-ups, the ones with the cooling area so the child can learn when they pee, but it really made no difference to Bug. They were too diaper like and he would just go in them without even making a peep over the coldness. a friend of mine on one of my baby boards recently decided to potty train her son by just putting him in regular underwear. They had accidents, but he caught on pretty quickly. This gave me hope.

So, on Saturday, we went to Wally World and bought 2 packages of big boy underpants of Bug’s own choosing (Spider-man and Cars) and I started working with him Sunday. I had a couple rubber diaper covers that my sister-in-law gave me and after putting on a pair of Spidey undies, we donned the diaper cover and away we went. I tried putting him on the potty several times and we ended up having accidents shortly after getting off the pot…he knew something was wrong as the pee is running down his leg.

Monday was better. We still had a fair share of accidents and a major accomplishment. We had a POOP! I was dreading cleaning a poop out of big boy underpants and thankfully I avoided that on Monday. I of course made a big deal and he got a sticker for his sticker chart I started. I have to come up with a special surprise that he’ll get when he fills it up. Maybe we’ll go to Friendly’s for ice cream. I’m definitely sure that we won’t be getting Hermit Crabs like my friend Corey got for her potty training little Sugar Bear!

Anyway, fast forward to today. I was greeted by a very wet and poopy overnight diaper this morning so we didn’t start our foray into the regimine of potty training until after breakfast. Bug sat on the potty like a good little boy, alternately playing with his Superman action figure and his Leapster. The effort was fruitless and I decided that since I wasn’t completely sure he knew what his “equipment” really did, I decided that I’d have him stand up and try to pee. I’m not sure how many times he’s seen Daddy go to the bathroom but I figured it was worth a shot to try and well we got some results. It was just a little bit, but he really tried. Shortly after, there was an accident, but with the new training pants that Daddy bought last night over the big boy underpants, he knew something wasn’t quite right, even though pee wasn’t running down his legs (thankfully)… No biggie. He got a change of undies and we tried again after lunch.

Success! We sat on the potty for a while with nothing…I tried the standing up and he emptied his bladder. I was thinking of putting cheerios or something in there to give him something to aim for, but found that he just likes “makin’ bubbles” so that’s what we are going with. Bubbles it is! This last time we didn’t even try to sit. We went right in (after a slight crying jag because I stopped the Batman cartoon he was watching) and within a few seconds we had bubbles.

I’m hoping that this isn’t an April Fools joke and that he’s going to stop trying again tomorrow. But I can really hope that maybe we are on to something and by the end of the week, we’ll be mostly trained during the day. Next we’ll have to work on him telling me instead of me ushering him in every 2 hours…But hey, it’s a start!


2 thoughts on “Let’s Hope It’s No April Fools

  1. Buckwheat has been working on the potty training for months. I can’t put any sort of clothing on him, not even boxers. As long as something is covering his toosh, he is going to consider it a diaper.

    I can leave the diaper off him all day long, and he will potty on his own, without even telling me he has to go. Well, most of the time he yells “POTTY” and jets for the bathroom.

    We have only had one successful poop in the potty, and I think it surprised him so much he forgot about it. Now, he demands a diaper on when he has to go.

    Although, if I follow him to the bathroom and urge him to “push push push” (yeah, it makes me feel like I’m in a delivery room .. which it is.. of sorts.. if you think about it) he will do it, but we never wind up with number 2 from that. A lot of musical toilet, just nothing solid!

    Good luck with it. I’m skipping the little boy potty, he seems content to use ours!

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