Potty Training and New Toys

So the potty training with Bug seems to be going fairly well. We had a completely dry day on Thursday and a poopy accident and a pee accident yesterday. The pee accident was really because Darling Hubby and I were playing with my new toy…a laptop…and I failed to ask if he had to go pee at the appropriate time. He’s still not at the stage where he will ask to go. If I ask him if he needs to go (and he does) he will generally run right to the bathroom saying he wants to make bubbles. Apparently this is our code word for “I have to pee.” Otherwise, he tells me no and I ask again later. Since we are still in the starting stages, I’m not expecting him to start asking just yet. I’m just grateful not to have to change diapers all day…that will save us some money in the long run.

Speaking of not saving money…right now, I’m currently sitting in my living room and blogging. I never thought that would happen. My new laptop (Compaq Presario) has a wireless network card and we upgraded to the wireless router through our Internet Service Provider for free (and we set it up ourselves so we didn’t have to pay $24 bucks for them to come out and do it…) So, we now have a wireless network in our house and the signal is great. I can even be upstairs on the complete opposite side of the house in my bedroom and still have good signal strength. I think that’s so way cool. So, I think I’ll be able to be online a little more now that I can be anywhere in the house. Hopefully I can reconnect with my online mommy friends who I’ve, sadly, been neglecting for a while.

Well, I’m off to find the power plug as my battery life is quickly draining away (I think because the virus checker is already scanning my hard drive – I don’t think there are virus’ on here just yet…it hasn’t even been out of the box for a full day yet) and I’m trying to transfer all my photos from the desktop to the laptop so Darling Hubby can have the desktop all to himself. Plus, I need to transfer all my bookmarks and web pages over so I can access them…It’s gonna take me a while, but I’ll eventually get this laptop set up the way I want it to….I don’t have to share with anyone!!!


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