Warning! Don’t Flush Your Fish!

I think the title says it all. Don’t flush your dead fish…well, if you have a tiny goldfish or a beta or something, then by all means, give the little sucker a flush, but don’t, I repeat don’t, flush a palm size angelfish.

Yeah, you read that right. A palm (as in the palm of your hand) size angelfish. Oh, they flush, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think toilets really like them. At least ours didn’t appreciate it very much.

I saw last night that my poor black and silver angelfish was on her last fins and she was, sadly, dead by morning (she was an old fish so her time was up I guess) and as all our other fish have received, she was granted the ritualistic burial by flush. As I said my sayonaras to her and Darling Hubby pressed down the handle, she obviously didn’t want to go to fishy heaven right away as she lodged in the hole and after a poke with the fish net, down she went. Darling Hubby just had to say that he hoped it didn’t lodge in the pipe. I’d thought of that, but I’ve surely flushed down greater amounts of toilet paper and other…um… stuff that there was no way a fish would clog up a toilet.

Well, apparently, I was wrong. Shortly after that, the toilet stopped flushing well. The water level would drop, but it wouldn’t go all the way down. I attempted to plunge it and without improvement, Darling Hubby got the pipe snake from the basement and after a failed attempt at snaking the toilet (pipe snakes just don’t go around the bends in toilets very well) Darling Hubby added some Drano to the bowl and let it mellow for a while before flushing it. I’ve since then flushed down a wad of TP to help move things along and, while there has been an improvement, the toilet is still not flushing properly…

So, we’re going to give it a little bit and see if things improve over time and hopefully we won’t have to call in a plumber…that would be after taking the toilet apart ourselves to see if we can snake the pipe directly…trust me…it would happen well before we called a plumber.

So, word to the wise. If you own a tropical fish tank with fish that are bigger than a couple inches….don’t flush them when they meet their fishy maker. You’ve officially been warned!


5 thoughts on “Warning! Don’t Flush Your Fish!

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  3. wow that exact thing has just happened to me i flushed a dead cichlid down the toilet, and its done the same thing to my toilet. we’ve tried snakes drano plunging so i guess now we have to get a plumber and its the weekend so who knows how much it will cost

  4. I flushed a fairly good size puffer after he died, (thanks to the marine ich infested pet store) and boy are we CLOGGED.

    I’ve plunged until my back hurts.

    Tried a coat hanger.

    It’s 3 am, can’t run out to get a snake.

    Dawn dish detergent.

    Oxy Clean and Vinegar (made a promising foam, but nothing)


    • I’m sorry your tank was hit with ick. 

      I don’t know how much help I can be…our toilet was only partly clogged (water went down, just not as fast as normal) and after a couple good doses of draino and some wads of TP it seemed to correct itself.  If you aren’t ready to call a plumber just yet, you might want to take the toilet off and see if maybe the fish has gotten stuck in the bends in the toilet (where a snake won’t go well anyway) and try snaking the drain on your own if you don’t find anything.  That’s what we would have done if things hadn’t started flowing.

      I hope you can get the problem fixed.  Good luck!

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