Food For Friday 4/14-4/18 & 4/21-4/25

Ok, I was really on the ball and started this on Monday, but I guess that’s never a good thing for me cause in reality, I said I started it and I have all week to finish it but then slacked and never finished it.  We’ve already been grocery shopping and bought things for a partial menu so I’m composing a full menu of things from the freezer.

Better late than never…

Monday – Craft night – I’m roasting a chicken in the rotisserie with scalloped potatoes and veggies
Tuesday – Eggs Benedict
Wednesday – Lasagna using cottage cheese
Thursday – Game Night – Dinner to be determined later
Friday – Salisbury steak

Monday – Sausage links
Tuesday Cheat-Braised Short Ribs a la FriedOkra
Wednesday -Brats
Thursday -Curry chicken with rice
Friday – Leftovers


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