I’m Dyeing

Don’t worry….I said DYEING…not dying… (Thanks Darling Hubby for correcting my almost insensitive typographical error)…So anyway, if you’ve ever dyed (i.e colored) your hair, you know all about the wait…that’s where I am now.  Currently sitting Indian style on my bed, sans glasses (which I REALLY NEED to see) with my hair covered in dark brown goop, hoping it doesn’t start itching and dripping everywhere, armed with a wad of toilet paper and a pair of tweezers to relieve the aforementioned itching and wishing that the 30 minutes ticking down on my kitchen timer goes fast.

You may be wondering why I’m dyeing my hair.  I’m only 27 and the only logical reason for me to be coloring my hair is because I’m vain and want a different color.  Well, I am vain, but that’s not the reason for my current activity.  I was blessed with the lucky genes that gave me gray hair.  Yep, you read that right…I have gray hair.  I’m been tortured by the nasty things since I was 17 years old…sadly, no one really believes me that I started going gray that early in life…everyone, that is, except my oldest brother who started going gray at the ripe old age of 16.  He doesn’t dye his hair… He’s a man who doesn’t NEED to look like time (and genes) aren’t kicking his butt.

Since I dye my hair I really need to keep up on it.  I’ve been meaning to dye since before Easter…yeah, nearly a month ago and I was meaning to do it several weeks before that, too.  I just can never find time.  It takes so bloody long to do as I have really long hair and takes forever for me to rinse it out and then go about cleaning up the tub as I make a horrible mess.  Blah!  I really should just have it done professionally, but you can’t really color your hair for less than $10 at a salon.  Yep, I’m cheap!  but really, I should start keeping up on it more.  Darling Hubby usually starts to call me a skunk when I haven’t dyed in a long time.  I get this lovely gray streak right down the middle of my head that’s several inches wide and to be completely honest, I do look like a skunk.  Sad, but funny…

Ten more minutes and I get to relieve my hair of the noxious goop.  Until the “timer goes ding” as Bug would say, I think I’m going to try to finish the last 5.5 pages of the Nora Roberts book, Birthright that I’ve been meaning to finish for ever and then it’s off to the tub for a rinse cycle.  Thankfully, Darling Hubby is putting Bug to bed so I can finish before Deadliest Catch comes on.  I love that show!

Well, the timer just went ding so I won’t be finishing that book.  Off to the bathroom to de-goop. Ciao!


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