Can I Have More Motiviation Please?

Today is a very dreary day. It’s dark and cloudy and cold and rainy. I’m tired of being cold and feeling sad. I want my summery weather that we had last week back. That made me happy. This week I’ve hardly wanted to do anything, even the chores I need to do (and enjoy) like laundry. All week I’ve been wanting to clean out my closet and get rid of some clothes that don’t fit or that I haven’t worn in a while and I’ve just been putting it off because I haven’t been motivated.

Well, today, despite the dreary day and my down in the dumps mood, I finally forced myself to go upstairs and go through my closet. I pulled out every article of clothing I had hanging there and went through each piece. Sadly, some of the clothes in my closet are/were years old. One dress I’ve had since before Darling Hubby and I got married (2002) (I have pictures of me wearing it on our honeymoon on the Disney Cruise) and another I’ve had since at least 2003 (I’ve pictures of me wearing it at a friends wedding). Of course, I’m sure it’s been years since they’ve fit me properly…To be a size 9 again…

The rest of the clothes were sweatshirts/sweaters that I haven’t worn all winter (and I am constantly in sweatshirts) and a couple other shirts I haven’t worn or that were too big (gasp! I’m not sure I’ve ever said that before)…They were hand-me-downs from a friend and they were big to begin with. I also packed up some pants that I wore postpartum with Bug. They are big enough and stretchy enough that if I get pregnant again I’ll be able to wear them as maternity clothes. There was just no reason to keep them on hangers. I haven’t worn them in over a year.

Over all, I cleaned off 13 hangars of my meager and very out of style wardrobe. I’m hoping to go shopping at some point and get some new clothes that are more in style than my closet full of baggy sweatshirts, cable knit sweaters and pants. My only problem is that I don’t like to go clothes shopping alone. I like to have someone else help me pick out my clothes and I like to have another person tell me if I look ok or not. Usually I bring Darling Hubby along and, like any man waiting for his woman to pick out clothes, he gets impatient with me and hates standing around outside the woman’s dressing rooms. I rather bring a female friend or two along, but I feel odd asking them to come along. I know my friend Shannon would be good to come along as she loves shopping and has pretty good taste in clothes, but she’s always so busy…she hardly has time for herself, much less little ol’ me. On top of everything, I’ve decided I need a make over…I looked in the mirror and, I’m not sure if it’s because I’m feeling down today or what, but I look like crap. Ok…pity party over.

At least I feel good about getting empty coat hangers. Oh, and donating clothing to charity…that feels good, too.


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