Anyone Have A Magic Pill?

So today was a special day.  We took Bug to Free Comic Book day at our local comic book/game store.  We got there early and since we know the owner we got to go upstairs a little earlier than everyone else to help set up, play around (Bug had a grand time playing with the balloons), and get our free comics.  Wonder Woman was there, too. She was taking pictures with the kids (and those comic book geek adults.)  Unfortunately, I left my camera home, which, in a way, was good since Bug wanted nothing to do with her so we didn’t force him.  Since it was getting past lunch time we decided to head out to get something to eat.  Bug decided on Burger King so he could have an Iron Man toy.  As we started driving there I suddenly felt very sick to my stomache.  I assumed that it was because I slept in this morning and didn’t eat breakfasat before we left the house.  I managed to eat 3/4 of a chicken sandwich, 1/2 a bag of fries and 1/2 a fruit punch.  I still felt like crap.

We had to run to Walmart for a few things and despite both Bug and Darling Hubby looking at all the toys and games and trips both down and up the escalator to get dog food I made it through with only some slight discomfort.  We got home and after taking care of a few things I went to bed.  Darling Hubby put Bug down for his nap and then ran to the library.  I had the lovely misfortune of a restless little boy and a cat who decided to use my face as a scratching post.  She attacked me for some reason and I have a beautiful scratch on the right side of my lower lip.  Great.

Darling Hubby got home and later ended up feeding Bug his dinner (I could smell it from upstairs and my tummy just wasn’t having it.)  I stayed in bed until around 6:30 when I came down feeling a bit better to ask if he could run to the store to get me some ginger ale before heading to meet up with Dave to see the Iron Man movie.  I managed to get Bug to bed without much fuss and he went right to sleep.  I still feel like crap, though.  I’ve attempted to watch a movie and even the most recent episode of House, but I’m just not feeling it.  I think I’m going to go to bed now.  I just have to struggle to walk the dogs.

Does anyone have a magic pill that will make my tummy feel better?


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