The Things He Says and Does

Sometimes Bug really makes me laugh/smile at some of the things he says/does.  These are a few things that have happened over the last couple weeks that make me smile and giggle.

On any given day, I can be greeted numerous times by Spider-man, Hulk, Iron Man, War Machine, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern (and a few other’s I’m sure I’m forgetting) in a matter of minutes.  I’m never truly sure who my son is second to second.  Sometimes he will ask, “Who are you, who are you, who are you?”  I generally tell him, “I don’t know.  Who am I?”  Sometimes I am a bad guy (Venom, Rhino) but on the days where I’m actually Mommy he tells me that in a voice that seems to say, “You’re Mommy, silly!”

As we were getting ready to go for a walk around the neighborhood yesterday, I ran upstairs to my room to grab my watch and I hear his wee little voice from the bottom of the stairs, “Well, I’m waiting!”

As I’m hanging up and folding laundry today, I hear Bug dump out his tub of matchbox cars and then see him come into my room wearing the bucket on his head to tell me he’s War Machine (from the Iron Man cartoon).  It starts to get dark outside thunder a bit.  When I mentioned it was going to rain, he tossed the bucket and said, “I need a brella” and pretends to hold up an imaginary umbrella.

He pooped on the potty one day last week and we called Grandma to tell her.  After telling her about going potty he goes, “and Mommy was sooooo happy.”  Yeah, I made a big deal out of it…he was like…whatever.  lol

He chases our cat Cleo around and around.  I told him to stop chasing her today and he then ran to the cabinet where we keep the treats and had to give her treats as a way to say he was sorry for chasing her.  It was sweet.

After we finish reading his bedtime story (generally a Curious George book) he goes, “I need see something, I need see something” until we give him the book so he can point out all the books we have (and don’t have) in our collection.  He enjoys it when we say yes or no to each book he’s pointing at in a silly voice.

If I get a boo boo he insists on putting imaginary “cweam” and an imaginary “bandid” on “mommy’s tiny boo boo.”  He’s sweet.

He loves to “cook” and feed me lots of different foods.  During the day I eat enough imaginary ice cream, chicken nuggets, soda, fries, pizza and other foods to weigh 3 times what I actually weigh.  Thankfully, if I do weigh a ton, it’s all invisible.  lol  Usually he helps me gobble down the invisble food and goes, “That was delishous!”  He doesn’t get to eat these foods on a regular basis so I think that’s why he’s always pretending to eat them.

Sometimes when he’s running through the house and falls and I don’t ask him if he’s ok, I’ll hear him go, “Bug, are you all right?  I know. I’m fine!” and get up and go about what he was doing.  Usually if I ask him if he’s ok he will hold up his hands and wave them around showing me he still has all his fingers while saying, “I know.  I’m fine!”

He’s recently started drawing pictures that resemble actual things.  The other day he drew a picture of Batman.  It was a stick figure, but it had arms and a head.  He drew another one while I was watching and it was complete with tiny bat ears on the head.   It’s a start.

Sometimes when Daddy comes home, he’s greeted with a “Hi Daddy.  Oh, what are you doing here?”  – It’s not like he lives here or anything.  lol

If he finds something really hilarious or fun he goes, “That was so much funny!” or “That was so much silly!”

He gets so super excited when we go over to our friend Bernie and Rose’s house.  He usually yells, “Bernie Roses!  Yeah!”

I love to hear him tell his blankie or his stuffed dog Tito (that my mom crocheted him), “Hold on tight.  I gotcha, I gotcha” when he’s carrying them downstairs.

I love it when he sneezes and they yells, “I got THE SNEEZE!”  It’s almost like it’s a disease.  He also has to announce when he’s scratching an itch.  “I’m scratchin’!”  He also has to announce farts…”STINKY TOOTS!”  So cute!

And it makes my heart melt when I leave his room at bedtime and he tells me “Sweet dreams, Mommy.  Love you.”

These are just some of the cuteness that happens in my house that make me smile and make me glad I’m someone’s Mommy.  🙂  I never want to forget these little things.


One thought on “The Things He Says and Does

  1. awwwwwwwwwww this just melted my heart. love each and every thing you mentioned. what a sweet boy you have there. 🙂

    oh and I love the header. tee hee

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