One Man’s Trash

Darling Hubby should be back soon from picking up his friend at the airport and I’m watching some recorded All My Children episodes from the past week. I want to work on the crochet project for Darling Hubby (I should be working on it), but I don’t think I have the attention span to really focus on it and I’m sure it would just frustrate me because it’s a difficult pattern. I need something mindless to work on…

On top of it, I’m tired. I feel like I could just crash, but I know if I do I won’t sleep tonight. Why am I tired? Well, I’ve been running around going to garage sales and grocery shopping. I got up at 8 this morning and got Bug ready. We were planning to walk to a garage sale up the block, but since we were running later than I had planned due to Bug, who is my usual wake up call at 7:15, sleeping late, Darling Hubby decided we would drive there and then drive to the other list of sales I had mapped out. The first couple yielded a Leap Frog go fish game and a math rummy set for $1. A couple other sales were busts while a couple others yielded some books ($5). I got a new rolling pin at one ($1) and our best score of the day was a train table with a set of tracks and a station house for $40. It needed a little cleaning up (someone spilled something all over it and there are some marker marks on one side of the top that aren’t coming off) and a couple of the track pieces were in poor condition so we tossed them, but it was a steal. All the train tables I’ve seen have been at least $100 and not to mention at least $20 for the train track set, if not more. Bug can get a few good years out of it as well as any future kids and we can always sell it again for what we paid for it. One man’s trash is my treasure.

Actually, the past couple days Bug has made out like a bandit. On top of the train table scored today we bought him (brand new) a kitchen set and a play microwave. He loves to “cook” and I’m tired of him pulling out all my pots and pans and I’m worried he’ll get burned by the stove if he’s trying to “cook” when I’m cooking. He loves cooking for us now. The only thing he needs is a chefs hat. lol. It was rather humorous watching him microwave a piece of pizza, put it on a plate, put it in the oven and then put it back in the microwave. All the while, Daddy was going, “I’m so hungry” and Bug was just ignoring him.

We’ve put all this stuff in Bug’s room (It’s full to the gills now) so now he can go up to his room to play and it will keep him from watching a ton of TV. At least he has the ability to nap when all the new toys are there and calling his name. lol


2 thoughts on “One Man’s Trash

  1. sounds like Bug is a lucky boy…..and he is taking full advantage of the goodness. 🙂 I love that he is cooking for you. Sugar always wants me to cook with her. I’d rather lay on the couch and have her serve me. tee hee
    hope your weekend is going well.

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