Sew, Sew What?

I’ve got a new project.  In a way I’m wishing it was a crochet project since it’s something I’m good at, but I have to finish the sweater I started for Darling Hubby and maybe the sweater I started for someone else before I start any new crochet projects.  I really want to attempt an afghan from the new afghan book I picked up at a garage sale this weekend.  I’m thinking they’d be nice to make for Christmas presents for Darling Hubby’s family, rather than clothing that might possibly not fit.  The only problem is that they are made with double strands of yarn and that can be pricey using double the amount of yarn than you normally would.  But, they would be super warm.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.  What I started writing about was my sewing project that my friend Rose is helping me with.   I spent much of the day yesterday with my friends Stacie and Renee in Joann’s Fabric store sorting through patterns and different fabrics trying to find the right ones for bridesmaid dresses for Stacie’s wedding this coming August.  It was a fun day filled with lots of walking back and forth, lots of bolts of purple fabric and joking about me wanting “butterflies on my boobies.”  In the end we decided on a pattern (that we scored for $1 on sale) and picked out enough material to make 4 dresses and for the bride to start on her own dresses.  The dress we will be making is the light blue one in the picture below (it will be light purple satin).  The maid of honor will have the flowing sleeves and the others will be sleeveless with a square neckline.  I can actually wear my cloak that Rose made for me for my own wedding as well as my shoes from my wedding.

Now, rather than saddle Stacie with the task of making all 4 bridesmaid dresses as well as her gown and broom jumping ceremony dress, I offered to make my own taking some of the responsibility off her.  She’s a bride and has enough things to stress over.  Since Rose is an accomplished seamstress (she made my cloak for my wedding in addition to her own bridal gown, bridesmaids dresses, her kids Halloween costumes and she recently helped me sew my own quilt) and I go over there every Monday for craft night I figured she could give me a helping hand.

Last night we started on it and got all the pattern pieces pinned and cut out.  It took about 3 hours.  Next Monday we’ll actually be able to start sewing.  I’m excited about it and scared at the same time.  It’s been many a moon since I’ve sewn something using a pattern…like since 1994 in 8th grade home economics class.   I want to make sure the dress fits perfectly just like I hope Stacie’s wedding day goes perfectly.  Hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be able to post pictures of the actual dress in progress.  Send me lots of good sewing vibes for easy sewing and that the dress comes out ok.


6 thoughts on “Sew, Sew What?

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    • Thanks for your comment. 🙂

      Unfortunately, the wedding was canceled and the bride and groom eloped (and about 6 months later divorced…), so I never actually finished the dress(es). I might finish mine one day, though I have no real place to wear it…maybe one day I can use it for a Halloween costume…lol

      I wish you lots of luck in your dressmaking journey!

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