Password Protection

I’m putting a password on my previous post, entitled Justice, which will be only given out to friends and family whom I trust.  Apparently someone, who I do not know (and frankly do not care to know) and has been a frequenter to the illegal gambling ring near my home, has linked to my blog.  I am trying to protect my family and myself from retalitation from the clientele that frequented the place.  Let’s just say that I’m glad it’s gone and with a little help my neighborhood will go back to the quiet peaceful place it once was.

However, I do want to say to all those who were members.  I’m sure you all have families – wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, correct?  Would you want something like this in your neighborhood?  No, I don’t think so.  Neither do I, so please…take it elsewhere where it won’t bother anyone!


7 thoughts on “Password Protection

  1. Hi, my name is Rich. I was a regular there. Believe me, there is nothing to fear of reprisals. The clientele was mainly people like you and I- middle class professionals (I am an engineer), and the card club was only leasing space from the italian club on the first floor. It was a friendly familiar atmosphere catering to men and women from college age through the senior set.

    I did already read your article before you locked it. I would not dispute most of the eyewitness accounts. I was in the club when the guy’s axle broke, for example. However, I was out of town last Sunday and not present when the incident occurred.

    For every incident of parking on the street or noise, Chad lectured the group against it at the start of every game. Drinking of alcohol was minimal. Smoking was restricted. Even cursing/foul languahge was frowned upon.

    Yes, we will play elsewhere. And yes, aside from this response, I will respect your privacy and distance from members. I attach my blog to show I am not anonymous. I just want to post to alleviate your concerns on any followup. Won’t happen from any member, i can assure you. And we want the bad guys caught as much as anybody.



  2. PS- if in the EXTREMELY unlikely event someone does say something, please email it to me in confidence at I’m pretty well-respected amongst my fellow card players and I will not stand for any kind of nonsense in your community.

    PPS- If the person who linked to your blog was the one who emailed me the link, then she is a 40-something female professional/blogger and very amicable.

  3. Gee Sara, guess that just goes to show that it’s a small world after all, but then again, it might have been easily found by the article you copied.

    And I think it’s nice of the guy to at least speak up and let you know he’s on your blog, instead of lurking!!


  4. Umm.. Sara? Is that freaky little lobster looking Icon dude something that you assigned me.. or is it random? Where do you get things like that.. it’s disturbing but cute lol.

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