Thank You’s, Apologies & an Explanation

I would like to thank the owner of the blog who linked to mine for removing the link and I would also like to apologise if her feelings were hurt by my comments of not caring to know her.  I offer her my sincerest apology for the comment.  In looking back I should have just put the password on the post as I had initially though to do and saved all of us some hurt and annoyance. And yes, I realize the internet is not an anonymous place, but I do prefer to blog wearing a protective coating, especially when there is negativity involved.

Just to clarify, my password protection post was written very fast and in a furious state of mind, in the heat of the moment so to speak.  I was scared, for myself and my family.  I’m sure that if she was on the other end of the stick she might have reacted in the same manner.  Honestly, on a personal level, I know nothing about the clientele who frequented the place other than the fact they constantly came and went and made our lives miserable with their rudeness and lack of concern for the residents of a residential neighborhood in which they were spending much of their time, therefore leading us to the conclusion that they were, to use her term, degenerates.  Had things been different and we were told about what was going on and could have been allowed to make suggestions on things and ask that people abide by the laws (parking and noise), the whole thing might not have been a fiasco.  And just to let her know, I don’t think all poker players are degenerates, though I’m sure there are some out there that can fit the bill nicely.  I know several people who play and they are great people, but the way they go about their games is quiet and it doesn’t affect their neighbors.

I’ve since learned from a commenter on my previous post, as well as from the other blogger, that the clientele of the establishment were all regular joe’s (including law enforcement – which might explain why we never had any police presence when we requested it) who work for a living.  That’s all fine and good, but those regular joe’s need to understand that by coming into a residential neighborhood and basically wreaking havoc on our everyday lives, all hours of the day and night, it made a very negative impact.  First impressions last a lifetime, espcially when those impressions go on for a year without improvement.  Now you may be thinking that playing the occasional poker game isn’t going to wreak havoc, but it wasn’t just the occasional game.  It started becoming an all the time thing and there is only so much a person can take before getting angry, annoyed, and frustrated (the list can go on.)  Even the nicest dog can be poked and prodded until it bites back.  That’s how we feel.  Poked and prodded and on the verge of snapping.  Now, I understand that someone by the name of Chad spoke with one of my neighbors and made an attempt to keep things under control and while things showed slight improvement there were still some people who, it seemed, felt our neighborhood was their playground and felt that they could rev their engines and fight over money and beat up their girlfriends to their hearts content all hours of the day.  Things started going down hill fast and we knew it was only a matter of time before it escalated from fist fights and money arguments to knife wounds and bullets flying – armed robbery, too.  Money has a way of changing even the nicest regular people.  Now, I’m sure that if all this happened in the players neighborhoods there would have been some serious hell to pay.  So really, why should it happen in mine just so some people can play cards.  Think about the bigger picture on both sides of the fence.

In the 5 years that I’ve lived in this neighborhood, I haven’t seen any crime, and I originally moved from the middle of cow country to right next to the Suny college dorm building where the college teens had about as much respect for other’s personal property as a pigeon does for a statue.  I’ve encountered crime in the city and my neighborhood wasn’t a crime zone.  I’ve never once been concerned with the next street over.  It wasn’t until the club opened it’s doors and all sorts of people started coming and going that our once quiet neighborhood started to go the way of the slums.  Slowly, the crime started moving in.  Now can I completely attribute the increase in crime to the activity of the club, no, but do I think it had an impact, yes.  I’m sure there are criminals out there who saw the increase in traffic and who knew what was going on behind those closed doors and saw it as an opportunity to get rich quick.  Obviously that’s the case because the place got robbed of several thousand dollars.

I hate when people get characterized under one label (as a  gamer I can relate) but the whole thing put a bad taste in my mouth.  It only takes a few bad apples to ruin the bushel and in a way, that’s what happened here.  All we ever saw was the bad that we had to endure and in reality, I see that I’ve lumped the whole crowd under a bad sign.  But, you have to see my point in why all that happened.

Now, I hope that this whole thing can rest in peace.  Let it be over and done.  I, first and foremost, hope that our neighborhood can go back to the way it was before all this began happening.  I hope to hear the sounds of children laughing and playing during the day and the sounds of silence at night.  Secondly, I hope the poker club finds a new venue to host its games, legally of course!  May it not be in a residential neighborhood and may my fellow bloggers who attend be winners.  And third, I hope that the persons responsible for the robbery are caught.  What they did was wrong – robbery is never right  – but I’m, in a way, thankful that they brought attention to the place so that maybe all our lives can go back to being what they were.  Fair enough?


2 thoughts on “Thank You’s, Apologies & an Explanation

  1. One more thing I also think I forgot to mention- the club leased space from the Italian Club upstairs, and both us and them were totally separate entities. I can’t vouch for people upstairs.

    I have never heard or seen fistfights or spousal/companion battery when I was there and I was there often enough.

    I will agree with the other blogger and say that there are scary local characters on North Allen. That’s why i park in the back- and I was mindful of the no parking rule on Buchanan.

    We’re playing elsewhere and in due time the club will pack up and move out outright.

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