Another Year Older

The title says it all.  I’m another year older.  My birthday was yesterday.  I turned the big 28.  I can’t beleive that in 2 years I’ll turn 30.  It’s scary that 10 years ago I was graduating high school.  It just doesn’t seem like it’s possible.  In my warped mind I guess I still see myself as a 22 year old, although I don’t have that body anymore.  I can say that I got a nice birthday surprise in the weight loss department.  I’m 6lbs lighter than I was 4 years ago when I got pregnant with Bug.  Whoohoo!  Now if I could only fit myself back into the old pre-pregnancy sized pants things would be perfect, but I’m sure that will never happen again.  lol

My actual birthday started off on the wrong foot (again in my warped mind).  Darling Hubby got up with Bug and then went downstairs to walk the dogs and I assumed get Bug some breakfast.  We had plans to go to Walmart to pick up some shelves for the basement room which Darling Hubby just vacated (I’m turning it into a pantry/storage room after moving the upright freezer in there) and to track down Guitar Hero On Tour for his Nintendo DS as a late Father’s Day/early Birthday present.  Since Darling Hubby wanted to be home by noon, I got up and went into the bathroom.  I heard DH come in with the dogs and then the alarm set and a minute later, the car start and pull out of the driveway.  I attempted to make my way down to catch him before he left, but by the time I got downstairs, disarmed the security system and got outside they were pulling away.

Course I was pretty annoyed…who wants to be deserted on their birthday…I had a running list of things in my head that we needed to get and now I was sure none of that stuff was going to be bought…In my little angry fit, I cleaned the house and had most of the downstairs and upstairs cleaned by the time I heard the car pull back into the drive.  I went back upstairs to my bedroom and it turns out that I wasn’t deserted…they had gone to the store to buy me flowers, chocolates and cards.  I felt like a schmuck after that.  Doh…

After some breakfast we went to Walmart and found what we were looking for…aside from the Guitar Hero game.  The game was due to be released yesterday and when we looked all around Walmart we couldn’t find it.  I asked a sales associate and he went into the back to look.  All he could find was the bundle with the game and the DS, which wasn’t what we wanted since we already have the game system.  Strike one…

During our time in the store a big thunderstorm rolled through and it was still raining slightly when we left.  Despite that, we ran over to Circuit City next door and found the same thing.  Although here they checked their computer system to see if they had it and finding 53 in stock had to accompany us to the floor to help find it.  Not finding it there they checked the stock room and found a whole unopened box.  It’s funny that of all the hype the game has been getting, it wasn’t put out on display in 2 stores.  Just weird.  I guess the same stock people work at both stores…At least we found it and Darling Hubby (and Bug who isn’t coordinated enough to play it yet) is happy with it.  I still want an Xbox 360 and Rock Band, but that’s a whole ‘nother, very expensive, can of worms.

After coming home we had some lunch and just sat around until one of Darling Hubby’s friends called letting us know he was coming over with his 2 year old son so the kids could play.  Bug was so super excited when they arrived and just had to show off all his toys.  Bug had a grand time with his little friend.  They had a blast playing with Bug’s train table and kitchen and running around chasing each other around the dining room, kitchen, and living room downstairs.  It was cute to watch them.  We have to plan another play date so we can go to their house and play on the swing set that we helped install.

Overall, it was a good birthday, even if I jumped to conclusions.  I hope that the next year will be a good one.  Now if only the thunderstorms would abaite so I can shower for craft night Rock Band night…


2 thoughts on “Another Year Older

  1. Nombre Une. Gosh, french was so long ago.. ugh. Bear with me.

    Happy Belated birthday. Meant to post it yesterday, but my mind wandered and took the typing digits with it. Hard to stay focused sometimes.

    Nombre Deux. Again, french is a distant memory..


    Pshaw girlfriend. I’m SIX POUNDS HEAVIER than I was when I GAVE BIRTH to that nasty little seed of Satan nearly 3 and a half years ago. I would seriously maim someone for the opportunity to weigh what I did when I found out I was pregnant with him. Hopefully by the end of summer. Not too unrealistic. Only 28 pounds.

    You gonna make it down for the Festival? And on that note, have you decided if you are going to the *cringe* 10th reunion? Let me know!

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