Not Feelin’ It Today

I think I’ve fallen into a funk today.  It’s Thursday and our game night.  However, I’m just not feeling it today.  One member isn’t coming (we knew this 2 weeks ago) and I thought we agreed to cancel, but I guess I was wrong.  Then everyone wants to make changes to the party cause things are not going well.  We’re down one player (our healer) and I just don’t see things going well tonight.

I’d rather crochet….or read…

Last night I started on a ripple afghan.  I decided that I want to look into other yarn for mittens/gloves and I’m trying to use up all that boring brown.  I have some yellow, too that needs to be used up so I’m making a multicolored ripple blanket.  I think I’m going to toss in some white or maybe some light green to the mix to spruce it up some, but I’ll make that decision when I get a little farther in.  If it turns out nice, it might be a Christmas present.  I’m really into wanting to make Christmas presents this year, but I just don’t know what to make for everyone and I want them to be nice.  I also want to get rid of all this brown that I have.  Maybe it’s the reason that I’m in a  I’m just not feeling the love for it.  I also have to work on Darling Hubby’s Crocheted Fisherman Knit sweater, but honestly, I’m not liking how it’s turning out, so I’ve been putting it off.  I think I want to make an Aran sweater instead of the Fisherman Knit.  I just have to find a pattern that is relatively simple and nice…preferably free (and online) as I don’t want to go and buy a book (my library doesn’t have a good crochet selection) just for one pattern (yes, I’m sure that I’d find another pattern to make, but I really just want the one, know what I mean?) and I don’t want to have to track down one month of a magazine because I know I’ll never find it….it’s just my luck.  If anyone has any suggestions, leave a comment.  It would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve already checked out Ravelry and didn’t much care for the free patterns.  I’m loving this pattern but again it’s from a book and it’s something that is out of print through amazon and my library doesn’t have it.  I checked ebay, but don’t know if I really want to buy from there…ebay and I aren’t getting along right now.

Well, I’ve got a shower calling my name and a counter full of dishes just begging to be washed so I’d best get on that so my house doesn’t look like a pig sty when the guests come over…blah!


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