Poop on My Fridge!

No, it’s not what you think!

I’ve found a potty training method that seems to be working for us and I’m super excited, as is Bug.

This is on my refrigerator.

Poop chart

It’s a poop chart.  I’ve made an agreement with Bug that if he goes poop on the potty 10 times (earning10 stickers of his choice) he gets this:


He found it at the store and was super excited about it.  For some reason he’s been really into jackhammers so it was appropriate.   It was also a bonus that instead of paying the sticker price of $12.99…we got it for $2.40.  We think it was a glitch in the Kmart computer system, but we weren’t about to say anything…

This is something similar to what my friend Corey did with her daughter Sugar, who received a Hermit Crab for her pooping efforts.

Bug will be 3 and a half at the end of July and he’s finally at the point where he is becoming aware that he can be a big boy by going on the potty so I took advantage of it and we started the chart.  We did something similar in April with peeing with a smaller reward and he’s come a long way with that.  He’s pretty self sufficient in that department.  As long as he’s wearing the right pants (i.e something he can pull down on his own) he can do the whole process without help.  He’s so proud of himself, too, as am I.

We are only on day 2 and as you can see from our chart, he’s already earned 2 stickers.  It’s so great to ask him if he has to go poop and instead of getting a fight (him yelling “NO POOP!” and pitching a major tantrum, when all I did was ask) he will think about it and then tell me that he will try or just tell me that he doesn’t have to go.  He tried 2 times today and was sucessful on that second try. I’ve also been asking him what he will get when he earns all his stickers and he gleefully yells “JACKHAMMER!”  By Jove, I think we are on to something!  I’m hoping that by next week he will have earned his jackhammer and we will be well on our way to a fully potty trained little boy.  I’m sure we’ll have our share of accidents along the way, but I think he’s well on the way to fully grasping the pooping concept.  Keep up the good work, Bug!


2 thoughts on “Poop on My Fridge!

  1. oooooooooooooo Sara….I am soooooooooo hoping it works. 🙂 my fingers are crossed. It is all about finding the right incentive. I hope this is it. 🙂

  2. Wow….I will go poopy on the potty 10 times for a toy jackhammer. Don’t worry, I will not eat any peaches first.

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