When It Rains, It Pours

Inside our garage…literally.  Half the roof on our garage (picture a barn with slanted roof (and a door much like a hay loft turned into a 3 bay garage) is shot.  It’s bad.  When it’s raining outside it’s literally raining inside our garage.  We don’t use the garage for much anyway, aside from putting the car in during hail storms and snowstorms.  The bad side of the roof is the side that gets all the afternoon sun and the brilliant people who owned the house before us had the bright idea to create this contraption to put up there that would heat the water in their pool.  It was a large wooden box with tar paper inside and loads of pvc pipe (painted black) running through it.  It was then topped with a large piece of plexi-glass and a large pane of glass.  It may have worked for heating the pool, but in the end it trapped water underneath it and created a home for bugs of all sorts which caused the wooden roof to deteriorate.  The rafters are still strong, but the roof itself is rotten.

Right now we just don’t have the money to put a whole, or even half, new roof on it so this weekend Darling Hubby got up there and draped tarps on it as a bandaid, so to speak, until we get money to fix it.  I don’t think it will be this year, though.  I think come next year we’ll probably have to put a new roof on the house, which is way more important than the garage.  We are thinking of going the tin roof route.  I checked this morning after the rain storm passed and the tarped area was dry (a small portion at the back didn’t get tarped and it’s still leaking a bit…Fingers crossed it lasts until we get some money….

We did get to go for a family bike ride over to the park on Saturday afternoon after working all morning.  Bug loves riding in the bike trailer on Darling Hubby’s bike.  It was a lot of fun.  It was actually the first time I’ve ridden in the street before.  Ok, yeah, you saw a picture of me riding down the street testing out Darling Hubby’s new bike, but that’s not the same.  I was just testing that out and plus I didn’t have a helmet.  This was the first time I’ve actually gone somewhere.  I grew up out in the country with just dirt roads and my bike path consisted of me riding around and around my house until I wore a path in the grass.  I wasn’t allowed to ride down in the road and when I was, I had to have supervison.  Let me tell you…it sucked…Espcially being a teenager.  I wasn’t allowed able to just hop on my bike and ride to a friends house.  My friends lived miles away (the closest was a least 3 miles and the furthest was like 20 – I said I lived out in the middle of nowhere) and my parents didn’t trust me the drivers on the road and apparently didn’t think I’d have the stamina to make it.  The sad thing was I never had the chance to try.  I’m sure I would have done just fine…

Saturday’s bike ride was easy peasy for me.  It was only a couple miles (round trip) and I was hardly breathing hard when we made it to the park.  I don’t even think I broke a sweat…Darling Hubby on the other hand was sweating and breathing slightly harder than normal.  Course, he was also hauling a 30 something lb toddler and the bike trailer…I might not be as lucky when I try to take Bug to the park alone using Darling Hubby’s bike and the trailer.

Oh, and this morning Darling Hubby got up and headed to work.  I heard the door close and the alarm being armed and I swore I heard the car back out of the driveway.  (I was still in bed, as was Bug.)  A little while later I heard the alarm disarm and the door open and close.  I ran down to investigate why Darling Hubby was home again and it turns out that the wire holding the spring on the garage door broke loose and the garage door wouldn’t open.  Now this normally wouldn’t have been an issue except that he put the car in the garage so Bug could ride his bike around the driveway and ride his tire swing without hitting the car.   While I tossed on some clothes, he called work to let them know he was going to be late and called another coworkers lab to see if he could get a ride to work.  We then went outside to see what really happened and to see if I could help.  The garage door weighs a ton so for one person to open it it’s nearly impossible.  I suggested 2 people, one on the inside and one on the outside and between the 2 of us we got it opened and blocked open with a metal bar placed in the track.  We got the car out and thankfully Darling Hubby was able to catch his friend before he left work to come pick him up.  Now we have to figure out how to fix the door…Darling Hubby will be home early so we can work on it before I go to craft night and work on my crochet project.  I’m really making progress on it and hope to have it done within the next week.  Fingers crossed.


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