Just Close Your Eyes and Go to Sleep

Have you ever had one of those days where you are just so dead tired that you could fall asleep the second you close your eyes?  One of those days where your eyes feel like lead weight, as do your arms and legs, and you know that when you curl up on the couch under that nice warm blanket you will drift off to dream land for happy, sweet dreams until you are gently awakened from your slumber?  And was that day one where no matter how tired you were and how snuggly warm you were under your blanket on your nice comfy couch sleep would just not come…You lay there with your eyes closed, listening to the sounds around you, wishing you could shut off your brain which is like a cd player on repeat playing a bad version of Laurie Berkner’s Boots song over and over again…

Welcome to my world…one where the sandman is on vacation.

Today was a nice day.  The weather wasn’t too hot or humid and the sky was partly cloudy.  My favorite kind of day.  Bug has been a good boy all week so last night while we were out practicing his bike riding techniques up and down our street he mentioned he wanted to go to the park.  Since it was late and daddy wasn’t home I told him that we might go tomorrow.  He got all excited and said, “You mean it?”  How could I say no to that?  Such hope.  “Yes,” I said, “I mean it…if the weather is nice.”

Since we got our bikes and Bug loves to ride in the “bike stroller” as he calls it I decided to ride to the park rather than walk to cut down on travel time.  Since we put the bike trailer attachment on Darling Hubby’s bike, I had to ride his to the park.  Let me tell you!  His bike is a monster with gnashing teeth that I swear is out to ge me.  We start out on our merry way and make it about 5 blocks or so, starting to gradually go up hill.  I don’t know if it’s the trailer or the bike itself, but my legs were buring so badly I actually had to stop part way up the hill and move onto the sidewalk.  I dismounted and I thought for a second that my legs weren’t going to support my own weight.  The muscles in my thighs were shaking like I was in the middle of an earthquake.  I seriously thought I was going to be in trouble.  I walked it off for a bit and drank some water and was ok enough to keep going…but on the sidewalk just incase I had to stop short…or simply fell over.  Shortly before stopping I’d noticed that the bike was shifting weird, but just figured it was me…well, when I started to go again I had no power what so ever…the chain came off!  So here I am, legs now feeling like they were made of jello jigglers fighting with a bike chain…which of course is greasy.  Thankfully I had some baby wipes in my backpack so I was able to get the chain back on without creating too big of a mess.  Thankfully that was the end of my bad luck with that bike.

I managed to make it up the rest of the hill and into the park through one of the back entrances off a dead end street.  Much nicer than going down the big hill and trying to cross a ton of traffic.  The park is a nice quiet little place in the middle of the big, noisy city, and I like going there for the peace while Bug likes playing on the slides and things.  When we arrived, after I felt like I was going to die, we found 3 grandmothers who were there with their kids.  Two were almost 2 years old and two were 4 years old.  They all had fun playing in the sand box together and playing with the ball we brought from home.   The 2 youngest girls where just adorable and they really liked playing with Bug.  The older 2 were more interested in doing their own thing, but they did play with him for a bit before they all had to go home for naps.

We had the park to ourselves for a little bit and dined on Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and raisins before the park was innundated with more people.  We went from having the nice grandmothers to the teenage mothers in one fell swoop.  I swear the girls that showed up with their infants couldn’t have been more than 15-16.  They had the sterotypical teenage mother appearance about them and the attitude to boot, but I could be wrong.  They weren’t very friendly and seemed that they didn’t want to let the one kid play with Bug…So we didn’t actually talk…It just makes me sad to think that if they were teenage mothers they were missing out on what life had to offer them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d never trade Bug for the world, but I’m just glad that I got to experience my teenage and early 20 years child free.

After they left, another girl, who was there with her father came over to play with us since her dad was busy talking to someone else.  She said she was 6 and going into 3rd grade because she’d skipped grades.  She must be a smart cookie.  She played really well with Bug.  They played hide and seek (as best you can on playground equipment) for a while until it was time for us to head home….someone needed a nap…

I managed to make it home in one piece without anymore incidents, although it was pretty slow going…I don’t think I went over 6 mph the entire way back.  We rested a bit to give mommy time to cool down and then it was nap time for the Bugster…who crashed in a matter of minutes and I haven’t heard a peep from him since.  Mommy on the other hand…well, she still needs that nap…I just don’t forsee it happening anytime soon since dinner time is quickly closing in and there is baked ziti to be made…Hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight…after I dope up on tylenol for my legs, which I know will start hurting the moment I find a comfy postion it bed…it never fails.


One thought on “Just Close Your Eyes and Go to Sleep

  1. I DO so know that feeling!!! Those are the days I just want to open my head, remove the brain to the table, then go to sleep, WITHOUT the “inside racket”! lol

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