More Things To Make Me Laugh

I’ve been in the downy dumps for a few days, now.  It’s hard to feel happy when your stomach hurts and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and be left alone.  I hate feeling blah, it makes me cranky.  I end up with a very short fuse and it makes everyone around me suffer (as well as me).  I thought I’d post a few things that Bug has done or said recently that have made me smile.

“Please! Oh please oh please!” – He’s such a polite little boy and asks with such conviction that it’s hard to say no sometimes…even when he’s asking for something he shouldn’t have or do at that very moment.  I just can’t for the life of me figure out where he picked this up from.

“You mean it?” – When we tell him we will be doing something or he can have something he didn’t ask for he’ll often ask if we mean it.  Yes, we mean it.

He loves music.  He enjoys playing Guitar Hero on Tour on our Nintendo DS (and he’s REALLY good at it) and it’s so cute to hear him singing songs ranging from Stray Cat Strut and We’re Not Gonna Take It to I’m a Mess and I’m Gonna Catch You by Laurie Berkner.  Pretty much everything becomes a guitar, from the broom, the swiffer, baby fingernail clippers, my paddle hairbrush, and even bottles of bubble bath.

He’s pretty well potty trained…and very proud of the fact he’s wearing big boy underpants during the day.  In fact, he’s so proud of those underpants that he even whipped down his shorts in the middle of Bed Bath and Beyond this weekend to show them to a sales associate who commented on his Winne the Pooh shirt…Talk about a bit of parental embarrassment…we’ve since had the discussion that you don’t do that in public…

Oh, and speaking of potty training…Bug counts poop…Kinda disturbing, I know, but whatever encourages the kid to go on the potty rather than his pants I’m all for.  We were in the car waiting for some friends of ours to get home and Daddy asked Bug if he’d pooped on the potty that day.  Bug tells him yes and when Daddy bravely asks how many poops he had, Bug proudly proclaims,  “I had one BIG poop, Daddy.”  Something a father should be proud of!  lol

He enjoys watching DVR’ed episodes of the new Spider-man cartoon on the CW for Kids (formerly Kids WB) and there is always a commercial for those Capri Sun juice pouches. It’s the one where the kid blows up the pouch and then stomps on it, thus resulting in his clothes blowing off (the old version of this ad, which was funnier, had the kid exploding and then just his clothes falling to the ground) and then the catch phrase “Respect the pouch! Respect it” is yelled. Bug now loves pretending he blows up the pouch and stomps on it and then yells “Respect the pouch! Respect it!” It’s actually funny to hear him say it.

A few weeks ago we were in the living room and he notices an ant crawling across the floor. Since, at the time, we  were smack in the middle of the season that the little buggers were always coming in and looking for something to eat, we’d taken to just squishing them rather than saving them. Our rule is, it they are outside they can live. Not if they are inside. So, Bug tells me there is an ant and he follows it around for a bit. I tell him to squish it and even give him my slipper since he’s only wearing socks. Now that he’s armed I hear him say, “Alright ant, show me what you’ve got.” I got a good laugh over that one.

ETA – I just thought of this one and didn’t want to forget it – The other day our neighbors were working on their car and revving the engine.  Bug was in the office playing with the DS and I hear him come out yelling, : What is all this RACKET!!!”  lol

That’s all for now.  I’m feeling a wee bit better.  Maybe when Bug is finished watching Lilo and Stitch (his all time favorite movie) and goes to bed and I finish watching Two Mules for Sister Sara, which I’ve been trying to watch all afternoon, I’ll take a quick bath before the Ghost Hunters Season Premiere at 9.  That seems to lift my spirit, sometimes.


3 thoughts on “More Things To Make Me Laugh

  1. I do hope you are smiling now. your post made me smile. Sugar says, “for reals?” when I tell her something. LOL

    oh and she talks about poop a lot too. My favorite was when she told me, “I made a pattern in the potty today mama. ONe big, one little, one big, one little….see it was a pattern.” tee hee…what a nut.

  2. I sure don’t envy you the privilege of getting to intimately know his poops. I hope I can skip around all that stuff with Seth. And pigs might fly too, right?

    Hope you are feeling better.. I haven’t had a single tummy problem since I stopped drinking soda and watched what foods I ate. Not only does the tummy feel better.. I’m down 23 pounds. Good luck with yours!

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