It Must Be Fall

My clothesline is dotted with warm pj pants, sweatshirts and lots of socks rather than shorts and tank tops.  We’ve started curling up with blankets and drinking hot tea and hot cocoa (the homemade stuff with milk, not that watered down powdered mix made with water – blah)  And I’m thinking about making some soups to warm us at the end of a long day.  There is a crispness in the air that wasn’t there a few weeks ago.  Then there are the apples.  Lots and lots of apples.  It’s one of the best things about living in NY state.

This past Friday we took a trip to our favorite apple orchard to pick our favorite apples.  Bug was super excited to go.

Warning!  This post is photo overload!

The first apple of the season – a macoun.

Taking the first bite of the season.  Yummy!

Bug loved picking the apples and putting them in the bags.

He also enjoyed running up and down the rows of apples.

With Daddy’s help he was finally tall enough to reach those top branches.

“Yeah! I did it!”

My strong men carrying the apples to the car.

Outside the bakery with a fresh quart of apple cider and a warm cider donut.  Yum!

Playing on the playground at the orchard.  Bug loved the wooden train.

The tire teepee was lots of fun, too!

Isn’t he adorable!

He’s the apple of my eye!

There were even little goats to feed.
There was also a sheep, some pigs and 3 alpacas, but they were anti social.

Their tongues tickled!
(Don’t worry, we all washed our hands afterwards)

Bug was very interested in this water spigot.

We had to have one more train “ride” before heading home.

On Sunday, Bug helped me make our very first apple pies of the season.  Course, we do all our baking wearing our pjs.  😀 His favorite part was turning the handle on the apple peeler/corer (which I don’t have pictures of – drat)

Oh, and yes, those pies were delicious!

Fall is just one of my four favorite seasons!


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